Grenfell Victims Medical Fund Raising.

Grenfell Victims Medical Fund Raising.

Medical costs victims Grenfell Tower.

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After all the help. Also the donations. Keep victims with medical expenses. Sometimes medical care continues for years. Let's put a piggy bank for this. To bear all medical costs.

It may take years for victims to be compensated by insurance. In this case, the building did not meet fire safety standards. There is any chance that insurance will shift the responsibility. And pay nothing to victims. It is our duty to help. By imposing a fund with which medical expenses are borne by society.

Three years ago I won Euromillions in Belgium. For two years I live in London. Opinion people were constantly asking for money. That's why i moved from Belgium to UK. My English is not perfectly.

In London, I'm active in several help organizations. Especially poverty organizations. Next week I will try to visit some victims to the hospital.

I'LL reserved £500 for medical costs.