helping the unfortunate ones in borneo

by awaltonnn in Dyce, Scotland, United Kingdom

helping the unfortunate ones in borneo
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

i am wanting to raise money to go to borneo to help the locals, clean the beaches for the animals and to have a lifetime experience, thank u

by awaltonnn in Dyce, Scotland, United Kingdom

i am alexander and am a greatful boy to help when i can. i do come from a less fortunate family i will admit so that is why i need your help to get me to help people in borneo who really have nothing. i do know myself what a third world country is and the the consequences it has on family because my mum is from the ukraine. so what i want to do it get your help to get me to malaysia with the school, to help the environment and unfortunate ones. any donations will do because it will give me great support, i hope people spare their time to read my plan and help me, thank you very much

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