Helping the poor/unemployed affected by COVID-19

by Helping Hands for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka

Helping the poor/unemployed affected by COVID-19


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Helping poor families and the unemployed in Sri Lanka who have been affected by COVID-19.

by Helping Hands for COVID-19 in Sri Lanka

We are a group of people who carry out various social work in Sri Lanka, we are aiming to help communities in Sri Lanka who have been affected by COVID-19. This tough time has tested  everyone, it is essential that we help those who are not able to support themselves. 

A large population of Sri Lanka is poor, there are many villages where civilians are not able to support their day to day needs; this includes the basic food which every human is entitled to. Due to COVID-19 many people have become unemployed, it is essential that we come together in the name of humanity to support such communities. 

The money which we raise will go to the poor and unemployed who can not even fulfil their basic needs. We would be providing them with essential goods to support them while they get themselves back up. We need this money to buy the goods which then would be distributed equally. 

Hunger is an emotion which can't be controlled, Human rights provide every human a right to food but a large amount of population in Sri Lanka struggle to get one meal a day. When a crisis hits, its our job to support at least a small proportion of those affected. 


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