Helping the poor and needy and friends mums operat

Helping the poor and needy and friends mums operat

I am raising funds towards people in pakistan, syria and palestine, who are struggling, people who do not have anything to eat, drink, sleep

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I am raising money to help people from syria, palestine and pakistan. As you know ramadhan is coming and just giving something towards charity will help you going forward and these people will praise you. Imagine giving someone a £10 and how much that can provide can change their life, so every little helps

I am fundraising for food parcels to be delivered to families in Palestine, syria and pakistan in the month of Ramadan. Each parcel is designed to feed a family of 5 or 6 for a whole month and contains:

Rice (4kg), bulgur wheat (3kg), green lentils (3kg) lattice(1kg), spaghetti (1kg), white beans (2kg), white homs (1kg), cooking oil (3ltrs), margarine (2kg), tea (0.5kg), sugar (3kg), tomato salsa, dates (2kg), fool (1kg), tahina halawa (0.5kg), jam (0.4kg), plus packing and transport.

The total weight of each parcel is 31.4kg and costs just £50.

We can all quite easily spend £50 on just one iftari at home but donating the same amount to this cause can Insha'Allah help you gain more reward.

Please specify if your donation is zakat.