Help for people that suffer C.O.P.D

by rory cottle in Devizes, England, United Kingdom

Help for people that suffer C.O.P.D
Not quite
Unfortunately this project was not successful.

to help people with C.O.P.D live and easier life

by rory cottle in Devizes, England, United Kingdom

My mother has c.o.p.d after living a healthy active life . Myself and my partner wish to bring to the uk products to help in the home and in the outside world to make life easier. My vision is to create a brand which incorporates products that help with what we find easy tasks but are much harder for sufferers. The money will be used to bring the first wave of products to the uk which will start the project off . Talking to the british lung foundation and the nhs there are small changes that can give such a big change in life

Let's make 'Help for people that suffer C.O.P.D' happen