Helping the homeless, homeless people

by Kirk Macdonald in London, Greater London, United Kingdom

Helping the homeless, homeless people


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To help the homeless, homeless people & make a change

by Kirk Macdonald in London, Greater London, United Kingdom


Hi all, this is to bring to your attention about the homeless, homeless people illegally being evicted from the homeless shelters.

To view the full story as to why I ended up homeless and to why I was illegally evicted from a homeless shelter for simply discussing with staff in a civilized and constructive manner.

At the beginning of August, I was not homeless, 5 years ago I had my own bricklaying company, I’m a trained supervisor, I’m a qualified first aider and self-taught computer engineer, developer.

But two years ago, I had a major accident at work and had to have major reconstructive surgery and due to covid, I’m waiting for my second operation to fix this. My site tickets have expired.

I was made homeless due to false allegations made against me which have now come to light but meant I was not allowed to return home due to bail conditions.

I ended up in a homeless shelter and after just 3 weeks what I discovered is appalling, disgusting and something needs to be done about it

I would like to tell you a story, a story about how homeless people are illegally being evicted from the homeless shelters

Which is supposed to be and with their own mission statement rebuilding lives, ending homelessness

Following is an email I had sent to the homeless shelter regarding my findings with several members attached to the email

Read the full message to understand and then decide if you are willing to help make the change by not only exposing the real nature of what is happening in the homeless shelters but by being willing to donate £5 and sharing this message to make the change

I’m tired of people calling homeless people bums, scumbags, hobo’s or seeing homeless people walking around with no shoes.

Because up to 1month ago in my life I was not homeless and what I saw and discovered is truly shocking

Read the full email attached and then decide I bet this changes your mind I have had to remove some details due to explicit and sensitive information but anyway please read on

Hi and good afternoon to all,

To all that do know me already attached to this email and to those who don’t

My name is Mr. MacDonald and I would like to bring to the attention all the truth of what is really going on at the homeless shelter at St Mungo’s at No 1 Arlington Close, Hither Green, SE13 6JQ

These are my findings of just 3 weeks of residing there which I have some grave concerns about and so should certain members of council should also have concerns as to what truly is going on there as is not only illegal, staff and management are actually making the situation there worse.

The whole project is out of control, some serious safety concerns are apparent at this shelter and the drug problem there is unreal.

I will start from the beginning so you can understand the full scope of the findings.

I myself was made homeless on 08/08/2021 this was due to my partner making 3 x false charges of actual bodily harm I was bailed but part of my bail conditions meant that I was not allowed to attend the property within the next 28 days or have any contact with only 2 of my children which was the oldest strangely not the youngest which is 8

This made me homeless, I set up camp in the wetlands, I contacted Waltham forest housing to say I was homeless and rough sleeping they suggested I contacted the street link.

Whilst they started a homeless housing application for me

This is why I have added some council members from Waltham forest regarding as I was placed there from Waltham forest and added some council leaders who know personally and have worked on a project within Waltham forest which shall become apparent later.

Streetlink came and set me up with a meeting with St Mungo’s in hackney which is one of their main buildings for interviews, I have previously heard some stories about this particular building as I have close relatives who work for the police force in this particular borough hackney.

On arrival, I had my initial interview and was decided that due to the fact that I do have a mental illness and I do suffer from substance abuse it was best suited that I was placed in their other unit which specializes and is deemed as supportive housing which is situated at no 1 Arlington close, Hither Green

As I have never been to this area, when I arrive I like to look at the surrounding area, scope and get a feel of the local community and the type of mindset of the residents this can easily be done, by type of shops, types of pubs, if the residential buildings are maintained and generally if the local area in the same vicinity is been looked after.

After making my decision I said to my self why was this homeless shelter ever built here who decided this was not thinking clearly at all and this was before I even turned on to Arlington close I could see the potential of what could go wrong before I arrived.

On arrival, the complex is split into three buildings the one to the right is the long-stay residential stays this is where the main problem is actually coming from but that will follow

The building in the middle conjoined to the one on the left is where I was staying I believe this to be called a staging post of up to 28days and the building on the left not actually sure.

Now the building I was staying in is the one in the middle, not like the others like the long stay one security gate the complex on the left two security gates and I must say is joined to the middle one which staff use as offices etc for both buildings.

The complex I was staying five security doors to get into the building as you getting there is another in front and another to the left when you go through the door to the left you have the stairwell where aa security guards sit from 8 pm to 8 am go through the door and you have my room just mine to left of that is another security door which leads to more rooms, offices, laundry rooms, and the meal room.

This is an open prison for homeless people but only this building not the other two only a few security doors on those building complexes.

On my first night I went out into the garden there are some chairs a table and this is where the residents smoke, after a few minutes of sitting out there a resident came up to me and asked me if I wanted to smoke illicit substances with him, I said no but asked my self what’s going on in here

Another day passed but I kept myself to myself and watched and I saw what was truly going on in this place the drugs that are being consumed here are unreal and I’m about to tell you how, why, and where.

I called an emergency meeting with my key worker the next day and said to her how long am I going to be in here because I can’t be here for long I then explained someone approached me to smoke illicit substances and the drug problem in here is very bad and they both looked very shocked and they was truly surprised and asked me to tell them I said I can’t because I have to live here.

I said to my self do they truly not see what’s going on under their own noses as it’s actually happing in plain sight in front of them.

When I mean this I do what makes me laugh even more is that they are buying selling in front of staff and what’s, even more, funnier they are smoking illicit substances in front of staff or directly in front of the office whilst in the garden if anyone has been here and seen this you would understand what I’m saying.

After witnessing this I wanted to understand why this was going on so I started speaking to the residents of the place which is only meant to be for up to 28 days some of these people have been in here since March.

The longer I stayed the more I saw the place was trashed the garden was full of beer cans there empty food containers was scattered everywhere

So I started to think where are the residents behaving like this there must be a reason for this there must be a reason why they don’t care and just want to obliviate themself all day and not care.

So I started to observe the interpersonal behaviors between staff and the residents. I will say at first my interpersonal relationships with all staff was very good members of staff who have not met me on the first meet saying I have heard good things about you and staff did take I wouldn’t say a liking but mutual respect.

Because I spoke nicely was not rude, and treated them and my home and garden with respect.

This is when the cracks started to show even though my relationship with staff was mutual I started to see how the staff was towards other residents.

There were several incidences that occurred with what I witnessed which could have been dealt with differently

There is nothing to do in this building there are no activities, no support or training to help those who are willing to give them some training to re-enter the work force or even simply positive interactive discussions with anyone to help them keep busy or keep their mind off from consuming drugs.

When they sit outside to play cards they are told to be quiet or go to their room you are allowed to consume alcohol in your room but not outside I get that because of the mess but you could have got them to clean it up as I did

You are promoting anti-social drinking by telling them no one is allowed in your room you are allowed no visitor’s you cant drink outside but in your room on your own, what do you think that does to someone’s mentality and think process stare at the paint, he or she is still going to get intoxicated but subconsciously it will make them more angry and tense.

How can you allow someone to consume alcohol on the premises then tell them that they are being too loud and they need to go to their room what do you really think the response is going to be from that seriously you lock a person up in a room with no activities apart from drinking and consuming drugs with mental illnesses what do you honestly think is going to be the response when you tell him to go to bed at 10 pm Jesus employ more psychologists or get some minor training on psychology and linguistic programming.

You are aggravating the situation like with the meal situation I come from Waltham forest it took me 3 hrs to get to Waltham forest to take my daughter to the park for two hrs and 3 hrs back that’s 8 hrs just to take my daughter to the park.

When you put letters through the door saying if we are not back before 9 pm we do not get dinner but that’s not all breakfast as you distribute breakfast at dinner time now I’m lucky I know how to cook with a kettle, which by the way I had to fix myself, like the toilet holder and the fridge. I had a life before I came here.

Another incident was when I wanted to hoover the room my broom had broken I wanted to clean the floor.

I asked to use the hoover the residential cleaner could not see me as I was behind a wall as a member of staff asked on my behalf and he bluntly said no residents are not allowed to use it this is not what I was told in my induction but yeah residents are not allowed to use he then started to explain to the member of staff that a previous resident had been hoovering up urine with it I mean ask your self why did they do that in the first place

How Is that my fault I didn’t do what I then peered my head around and he saw it was me and proceeded to let me use it due to the fact earlier that day he watch me remove the sticky tape residue that was left on my front door from a previous staff note placed on the door and let me use as he knew I would use the hoover respectively?

Residents are not allowed to sit together in the communal area what are they supposed to do sit in their room on their own, some rehabilitation that is no wonder there is a prolific drug and alcohol problem and not much respect towards the staff there is no positive rehabilitation enforcement at all.

Just threats of warnings and evictions.

They are intoxicated all day every day how can you have a constructive discussion with somebody that is extremely intoxicated the staff needs adequate training this building is designed for people with drug, alcohol and mental illness but after 2 weeks I never saw any member of staff really equipped to deal with this let alone more than one resident.

This is when I decided to see how staff and management deal with a residence with all of the above.

There was an incident on 07/09/2021

I had just arrived back from taking my daughter to the park it was rather late I would say around 10 pm lucky enough I had called the office and persuaded a member of staff to put my dinner in the fridge for me.

I was outside in the garden a few residents had been there a few hrs and was playing cards they were drinking and I had brought back a few cans for myself to drink the residents had said to me be careful as staff said if anyone is caught drinking outside the was going to get a warning.

This was my opportunity to see how staff deal with me and their protocols

I had only consumed one can of lager so I opened the other and left it on the table a member of staff had come out and said I’m not allowed to drink I replied I’m not drinking it, he went back in then came back and then started to say that if I drink it outside I will get a warning infraction.

I then approached him said how does that make sense I can drink it in my room but not out here I put my rubbish in the bin he started to get flabbergasted and continued I then said that I’m willing to dispose of the full can right now in the bin he said no you don’t have to do that just take it to my room I then said no I’m not doing that I’m not drinking it but I’m leaving it here

He started to say he was going to give me a writing warning by this time security had come out the residence had started cheering I turned and around and told all of them to be quiet because this would not be happening right now if you all just put your rubbish in the bin and cleaned up after your selves and respected the staff

I then proceeded to say the staff are doing a great job and they should not be taking it out on the staff or security I was sticking up for the staff but the staff member then continued to say he was going to give me a warning I then proceeded to say how does he think that’s appropriate discuss that with me at the moment when I’m intoxicated I’m having a general discussion with you how is this appropriate if you would like to discuss this further come see me tomorrow in the morning and we can discuss this matter further as it is inappropriate

I then proceeded to tell him do you think its appropriate or the right thing to do to come out him telling them to go to bed or they will be giving a warning I then told him 30min all those people sitting there had just ingested MDMA and do you think you will get an appropriate response from them and if you do then he needs to go get some appropriate training as he is not trained this situation right now, I think this embarrassed him. I would just like to point out I never consumed this product and had only consumed one pint of lager.

Within 10 min of this discussion they were so high they could not even stand up, review the footage of that evening.

And they all started to go to bed on their own accord because they just wanted to lay down it took them a while thou one step forward two steps back and this was from free drugs they were given by the long term residents who have control of the drugs but to be honest with you they themselves are highly dependent and are selling to support there own habits.

The next day no meeting regarding the issue from the previous evening.

That day the residents helped me clear up the garden emptying the bins and putting the man bins in refuse I then started to tell them this is happing because of the mess and noise you are creating it want to sit out here play cards and socialize after your self’s it’s not the staff’s responsibility it’s yours it’s your garden it’s your home respect it they have enough work to do finding you accommodation.

The 9th had arrived again I had come back late evening due to fact that it takes me 8hrs to take my daughter to the park

It was raining this evening and the place we normally smoke has no shelter on arrival that night there was a resident that had pulled the soft furnishing chairs out from the rain so they do not get wet and placed them under the main entrance canopy I then offered him a cigarette and smoked it with him under the shelter a security guard came storming out and in my opinion spoke to the resident like a piece of dirt

I have had some self-taught training in body language and well I was appalled

He then told the resident in an aggressive manner to move and take the chairs into the rain I said to the security guard its raining man he said I’m not talking to you I’m asking him to move not you

Well this set the next bit in motion how am I different from the other residents how can you tell this guy to move and not me this is wrong this is a personal vendetta against another person what is going on here

As the discussion started to get louder a member of staff came out very angrily and said go sit in the rain or go to bed residence are complaining move along I said for what talking in shelter its raining I then said if any residence would like to voice there opinion they are welcome to and if that discussion leads to that person asking us to move or be quite we will but I’m not moving unless that’s the case

A resident just where I was standing popped his head out and said guys I would like to go asleep please can you move for me as I have been studying all day I said yes I saw that I then proceeded and told now more than one resident come on let us move to where staff suggested we sit in the next section of the compound as the residents have kindly and respectfully asked us to and we should respect his request.

The residents with no problems moved.

So we’re now sitting in between the two buildings underneath some shelter about 30min or an hr had passed and the member of staff had come out where she told us to go and started to proceed inappropriately as a member of staff should behave she then proceeded to say if we don’t go bed we are going to get evicted and she was going to call the police.

I said for what for talking and having a general discussion with you she started to get angry she was pacing up and down whilst we just sat and said go ahead we are do nothing we are just chilling actually behaving ourselves but I don’t want to go to bed at 10 or 11 pm.

She then called the police and several police officers arrived she then started to tell the police to remove all of us I then said to the police for what having a civilized conversation with staff and residents we are not drunk and disorderly we are not being aggressive abuse or intimidating in any way its the other way around.

This went back and forth when the police told her they can’t remove us as we are actually not doing anything wrong this made her furious she started getting angry and aggressive towards the police and stage the police told her to calm down as she is actually disturbing the peace and she will get her in trouble.

So I wanted to as I saw the situation was getting nowhere and was going to escalate I told the residence go to your room they will evict you otherwise let me will this and to make matters worse they never even said anything as I told them to be quite let me talk or they will get arrested they then went too there room when I asked them to.

By this time the staff member had rung senior staff made false allegations against and behold magic legal loophole for the security to remove me now if I refused then yes the police can remove me.

The security guard went to grab me aggressively and I said no need to touch me man, I will leave on my own accord I saw what would have come if he had we both would be arrested for flipping out and the security guard for assault as he had no common ground or reason to violently remove me.

I’m obtaining the footage of this incident the cad no: 4870(09/09/2021) which I have up to 30 days to obtain this which I will apply from [email redacted] after this email I would suggest you do also so you can prepare your self and also review the incident via the police body cams

I was told to leave the premises and return at 8 am

I asked staff for my phone and bank card and they refused so I’m now on the streets with no means of anything it is also raining.

Ok I returned then left shortly after to buy something from the market whilst on my way back, approximately mid-day I received a phone call from the main office asking me to come and have a meeting

I arrived back 15mins later went into my property and found a warning letter from the previous incident it stated that I had been verbally abusive and aggressive and intimidating against staff this is not true and without discussing this with me I had a warning he fabricated allegations against me all because I embarrassed him and showed him how to do his job.

I have witnesses regarding this incident residents and staff but im not gonna ask the staff member to speak out because you know I don’t wanna put his job at risk the money he makes to pay his rent and food etc.

Five minutes later I was called into the office and was sat down with members of staff they handed me an eviction notice with immediate effect due to the incident that had occurred the previous evening not only just me but another two residents.

I said how is this right I was talking to her the same way I’m talking to you right now and now I’m being made homeless from a homeless shelter without any discussion regarding this at all the members of staff in question had also made false allegations against us of abusive aggression, intimidation if this was the case I would be arrested because when I’m angry and doing these things I get arrested but as I did not do these things I was not

Because you know why I stopped doing those things a long time ago because I kept getting arrested

In the last month, I have had the police called on me six times two in one day admittedly I was arrested once and not charged because they were also false allegations

All because of discussing some truth and honestly in a way that some don’t like how is that my problem because I noticed what’s wrong, what could be changed, or how things could be better I was trained to do that its part of my job to be blunt to find the problems and work out how to fix them.

I then proceed to say it was the other way around the reply I got was as the staff are not here to discuss this the eviction stands and I can appeal against

Appeal against it I was just illegally evicted from a homeless shelter made homeless again and have to sleep rough whilst I appeal against an illegal eviction that certain staff members fabricated allegations for their own gratification how are you rebuilding lives what are actually doing to rebuild them it’s you mission statement.

You cant keep moving the problem on giving the residence a new home does not solve the problem at all this is the front line of the problem moving them on without trying to break the cycle 6 months they are probably homeless again

I kept being told some people don’t want to change what incentive are you giving them to change, you not reaching into their lives and giving them skills knowledge, or reason to change your making it worse.

When I was handed this illegal eviction notice I then said where is my appropriate adult I have a mental illness you are serving me a legal document

A building that was set up to deal with people like my self’s and most of the residents residing there are ill-equipped or untrained in it is wrong

So I’m now homeless living on the street again

So I went and collected my gazebo and erected it in front of the main gate I had brought several of my belongings they had called the police the police arrived I then disclosed what had been occurring he then said to me remove my home from the emergency access as its a risk I said ok what am I supposed to do then

He then proceeded to tell me if I put my tent on the corner of the pavement not on the road there is nothing they can do and he personally told me he respects what I’m doing after having a 20 min conversation with him

As I’m now homeless and two others are it’s my fault they were homeless so I went and got another few tents and then also started to bring tables and chairs I had to sleep on top of two bins because it was raining and I was situated on a hill so I didn’t get wet.

I started to speak to a few of the residence and they are tired of what is going on in there I have had a few residents personally contact me as a few was urinating on their walls I resolved this

The residence was bringing us out some food daily ad they want a change there even started cleaning the rubbish up in the road leading to the main gate

I called streetlink and they came I told members of staff this does not need to be like this and the situation is getting worse and worse, revoke the illegal evictions and this problem will have resided.

As I was doing my normal stuff during the day I was returning of an evening to sleep on the pavement one resident shouted get a job little did he know that morning I actually got up from my street curb and went to work?

Do any of you actually know why I ended up there of course not cos you don’t actually care why I was homeless why I was off from work for two years, why I drink or why I consume drugs, or why I have a mental illness?

Of course not because you have not sat down chilled with me and asked why

Another incident occurred when I went to hand my keys in all I kept hearing is come tomorrow, come back in the morning why I’m here now been busy all day I’m here to collect my stuff now I got stuff to do tomorrow got me thinking

Then I realized so asked to go get me your supervisor now to deal with me now please there is no supervisor here

By law there should be 24hrs a day I then said who is the first aider on duty right now or the fire marshal no reply I said do you even know who they are three members of staff on duty that evening didn’t even know

So not only was there no supervisor, no first aider or fire marshal you are lucky I do not report you because you’re already going to have problems from this email

I had been speaking to management and stated that if the two residents are not housed because they were illegally evicted because of me I was going to publish documentation and post 300 leaflets to the residents of the area to expose what was going I did print those by the way

I received a phone call from the police on the 13th stating that I’m not allowed to stay there as I am obstructing the pathway I said where do want me to live he move it to the park I said I can’t be there until 11 pm he said ok

I rang management and said if those two residents are not housed by 11 pm I and most of the residence from st mungos were going to carry all of mine and the other evicted homes and possessions to the park but this is not a good I dear as many people are now going to see.

By the time I had arrived the two evicted residents had been housed in a hotel in Croydon and staff had taken my belongings inside for safekeeping this is not true thou is

I will tell you all a story you knew my stuff was not going to be stolen as I had previously told I left a £400 new phone outside in the table with all those drug addicts for 40min I came back it was still there and they said you left you phone they were not going to steal my stuff they are supporting this and want the change, they want you to help them but stopped for a moment and actually talked to them you would know this

I had to say to two members of staff when they ushered me a completely different appeal form I was initially handed I wonder why I said are you really this naïve and you cant see what’s really going on turn your heads can you truly not see this guy walking around in the rain in the road with no shoes or socks on and you could see in there faces and eyes as they were turning the disbelief they were going to see that if you truly want to help these people open your eyes.

Anyway I collected my belongings on Friday turns out police had taken the frame for my gazebo so I cant erect it in the park

I have been speaking to the two illegally evicted people which are currently staying in a hotel turns out today one of those has had his appeal turned down and a member of st mungo’s personally gone to the hotel and have told him he has now been evicted from the hotel with immediate effect from today.

This is wrong in so many ways what is going on here and it needs to change

That’s why I’m now going to go ahead with my previous plan as discussed with management what I would proceed to do and those who don’t think I’m being serious ask the members of staff at hither green.

I’m going to distribute those pantalets to the neighbors I will develop the website, and I will in the coming week or so start erecting homes for the homeless, homeless people including one for myself in more than one park in the local area of hither green and I will organize so much noise and attention that many will see, that you defiantly will say amongst your selves, staff, management, board and local councils that you will say we should of not let it get this far and we could have handled this differently.

Kind Regards
Kirk MacDonald

Now tell me this is not wrong and needs to change but how can it change if we only do or care for ourselves or make uneducated presumptions of underlying problems

Donate £5.00 to help me get my life back together and I will also use the funds to actually help the people living there who also want to get their lives back together after these few images I will tell you how I ended up here and then you decide, it’s up to you thou to help make the change one person can’t do it but together we can.


Sleeping on the corner of a road how dangerous is that I had to tie my tent down and put bins as traffic cones in the road and pray I was not hit whilst I was sleeping before I woke and went to price up some jobs



From walking around Lewisham and exploring the natural beauty of Lewisham, it has character I give you that oh and taking my daughter to the park


I never got fed that night or giving breakfast for the next morning
Urgh no wonder people go mental and we have all these problems if you knew how hard it was for my mental health to even call me or to try to get help man you would be disgusted I don’t want to dig a hole any deeper than I am in

Open your eyes see what’s going on its shocking, disgusting, and needs to change and if you understand what I’m saying donate £5.00 and share this, and I promise every penny will be used for the change

And all those who actually know me, I do what I say, I tell the truth what is the point of lying problems don’t get solved that way

If you are public services who have recently been dealing with me know this or if you would like to talk to anyone who knows me then feel free to discuss with them before you donate then feel free to.

Now to why I ended up homeless the lead up to here now I’m not going to go back to the very beginning as it’s too graphic, disturbing, and to be honest for many people, it will be just too overwhelming for them to digest it all let alone you children could read this

If you want to discuss it then cool meet with me then I will

5 years ago I had my own bricklaying company can’t remember how many people were subcontracted to me over 30 thou well they was subbie bashing for don’t know that’s when you get contractor to contractor and the main contractor owes more and more gives you more and more then closes the company down

I saw this was happening and warned other contractors I was already too deep in and the contract before I closed down I think owed me in the region of £90,000.00 and had sub-contractors come around my house for their money as I knew them personally and for a long time

6 months later they went bankrupt owing 18million to contractors like me I think they took one guy for 1mil to guess what thou 3 days before they entered administration they purchased the freehold of a council for 3million pounds

I decided to have some time from work as this was stressful for me I had just over a year off

I returned to work put in management and as I’m a first aider had to deal with all accidents on the bricklaying side

I treated one patient who lost his eye and another on another job who had his hand crushed both incidents were covered up made out to be different and paperwork fabricated after to cover their own backs result in noninsurance payout joke guy lost his eye 4 weeks before Christmas

Had more time of decided I needed to leave the industry but had to retrain and gain knowledge and skills in another sector so I put a business plan together and the infrastructure to do this

I needed more money to complete this to finalize it and launch it so decide to go back to work on-site 4 weeks later I myself had an accident

Foot went in the scaffolding twisting my ankle I walked home had to cut my sock off couldn’t go hospital as my partner had a night shift and I had to look after the children

The next day hospital x-ray advised not broken can return to work in 7 days

I went to work the next day on light duties

Well swelling was not going down was fired because taking time off and was covered up so as not to report to the HSE little did they know I recorded everything as I knew they would do this and have all the evidence of this atrocious act illegal activity.

Went doctors referred to specialist year went by turns out I tore the tendon on the right ankle all the way through damaged the ligament and the was in fact a break

Prep op 5 days before the initial lockdown so was canceled ended up having my op in September there is another story to tell around that time but due to the seriousness and failings of not only social services, mental health, and the police I can’t discuss this

This was my foot last September


Guess what I’m still waiting for my second operation on the ligament

I tried to work 6months ago my foot rolled on an uneven payment and I could not walk again for 2 weeks

In the meantime, I built an office and booked for me and my friend a course to become first aid instructors and renewed my 3-day first aid training

I had to cancel my instructor course due to failings of the system and I had to get a refund so I and my family could stay in hotels for safeguarding reasons

If you want proof email me directly and I will send it to you

Now been off work for two years my tickets, training has expired I got myself in debt obtaining loans living and trying to change my career

This put pressure on my relationship to unbearable living situations my partner has severe dyslexia and it took me 15 years to get her and teach her to read now she has a job and can stand on her own two feet if I did not come back tomorrow

Any way I started to go out to parties I took my partner with me and as she saw I was actually happy again she took a disliking to this and smashed my office up

Do you wanna see the video and you know what I never even retaliated and was calm cos I don’t blame her she was let down as a child?

As she is manipulated by the stuff she watches apps she uses and the daily well docs you know exactly what I’m talking about on how to act feel behave, and generally not really having a choice unless you know what’s really going on unless you have the training, insight education or apart of it and all of the above unraveled because of jealousy and nonunderstanding or unable to be able to deal with the truth

And those or don’t know open hrs eyes up and pay attention it’s disgusting and we should be ashamed and if you do and you’re on our side help because every time we make progress they try to unravel it

Any way here are something’s that I have done to make the change i have done things previously and I’m still doing this when I’m homeless what are you doing

Pixelated due to not knowing well you know

Check out the videos

Here are some other projects I help set up and was apart of

By the way, I developed the logo for that I did design the original website but I’m open to change so I was happy the new chair and team redeveloped the website when I stepped down truly I was grateful to have the opportunity to be the first chair and be part of something that we worked together to create It still makes me happy every time I look back at the photo’s

Cheney’s rows youngest litter pickers


Summer land Scape drawing events which I will say i funded all myself


Local bands play out the grand opening of the park


Check out the site fully to see I have achieved all of that’s whilst enduring all outlined above

If you want to know or talk to me contact me directly I’m homeless if you support our cause donate just £5.00

If you have the means to and you don’t you are the reason these problems exist and you’re the ones who are causing them and we are the ones fighting against.

I will start and I’m homeless I’m donating my £5.00 and there is no goal because until our side achieve our goal we won’t stop fighting

You made one mistake thou and that was the smartphone it leveled the playing field

All the best


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