Helping the dogs of Yulin, China.

Helping the dogs of Yulin, China.

I kindly ask for help with flight funds to reach Yulin,China to help the established rescue site close by to save as many dogs as possible.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


The Yulin dog meat festival is becoming increasingly well known in recent years however it shows no signs of stopping.  Locals and volunteers are needed to help the sick, wounded and dying animals that are left in it's wake.

Simply travelling to the meat markets to purchase dogs to save is not always the answer, and has in fact driven up the price of meat and provided a source of income for the traders. Not a good move but I can understand someones passion to just want to save the tiny creature. Instead, education is needed, laws, external pressure and (the only part I am concerned with) - volunteers to pick up the broken bodies of these helpless, defenseless and lost souls and try to bring them to safety.  

Please enter Yulin Dog Festival into your search engine to learn more about the issue. Please visit the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation website to learn more about the founder, Marc Chung, and the growing team of people aiming to help these animals. There is also some videos on there too if you wish to learn more.

I am kindly asking for help to get to China to enable me to work at the purpose built shelter and assit the Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation. They have over 200 dogs at the shelter, with an influx post festival but most importantly they are setting up local school porgrammes and trying to educate the young. This is the only way it will ever stop. 

Why should you trust me with your money?

I have a facebook page where I load all my animals bit's on and you can keep in touch there  Apart from that I am realist and I aim to use the time in China very wisely. I will work my heart out there to save as many as I can and when I return I will continue to do all I can. You are welcome to keep in touch. I may be travelling with the founder of a well known charity who will publish her own story on TV. I will be assiting her with her footage behind the scenes.  Other than that I am afraid it's a trust thing. 

Last year we went to Romania and I crowdfunded for the materials to winterproof the shelter and  funded the flights myself. So, this year I ask for help to get me to China so that I can collect dying, living, injued and frightened animals from the post Yulin hell and bring them to the centre to try to save them. Without your donation I will struggle to get there this time as it gets tough year on funding these things myself. 

My stay and what happended during my 3-7 days will of course be documented as always. I am fundraisisng for the flight only, so should I raise more than the flight fee it will be donated to the charity. 

Thank you for your consideration. If you can't support me here please consider supporting the charity above. A very worthy cause but kow that your donation will enable me to put my heart and everything I have into those days and act on your behalf to save those creatures from the mouth of hell. Trust me, it's not an exaggeration - watch the film. 

If you can't donate please goto (my other rescue page) and subscribe to keep in touch for other trips. 

I don't want to be going to Yulin. I'd rather not, trust me I have to close my eyes at night. But I saw the images, the films, the screaming and the 'procedures' these dogs go through before death so while they keep doing that - let us keep fighting for the lives on their behalf.