Helping the animals, conservation and children!

Helping the animals, conservation and children!

Wildlife conservation assistant & teaching the children at the local community centre, South Africa! Voluntary programme, The Planet!!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I work full time and watch the world pass me by, I am entitled to 21 days holiday out of 365 days a year. I have decided to use some of those days to its full advantage in taking part on a conservation programme in South Africa! 

Although the main purpose of this programme is to help the wild life and conservation area to re introuduce animals and to ensure the animals can breed to populate in a safe environment, I am also dedicating my free time on the programme to helping children learn at the local community centre. For a long time I have wanted to work on a voluntary programme but the fees are substatual. I decided this year would be the year and I have had nothing but positivity from friends and family. I thought it could be an option to further the field to like minded people who would also like to help or maybe those who are willing to support others to attend if they can not! 

Were am I now?
In feb I participated on a challenging event, I decided to bungee jump along with my mother and my friend in order to raise donations for this truly rewarding trip! This trip is not just me attending but those who have helped and donated will also be travelling with me in my mind! Although I will be doing the physical work, those who donated will be helping me through it! You will also feel that you have given something back! My programme has been deposited, leaving £600 remaining, My flights from London to Port Elizibeth will be paid by myself at £789. Your donations will help towards the programme fee and / or medicals, with myself funding the remaining.

MEDICALS: The medicals I would need prior to travelling to south africa! My yellow fever will be £60.00 and I will also need a course of 3 injections for Rabies £165.00 along with other injections and medicals . 

 Your help will see me through, your help will help the animals, help teach the children and you can feel happy and rewarding knowing that I am doing the physical work but you are all mentally by my side! 

I just want to help, but helping is very exspensive!