To assist the welfare of 'Street' Animals

To assist the welfare of 'Street' Animals

To help pay for Veterinary fees for the pictured dog whilst continuing to continue neutering 'Street' Cats & Dogs in Marmaris.

We did it!

On 19th Jun 2017 we successfully raised £5 with 1 supporter in 56 days


To pay Veterinary fees for the rescued dog in the attached picture whilst continuing to help other 'Street' Cats & Dogs in Marmaris , Turkey .

About the project

Marmaris Cat & Dog Welfare Trust( Reg Charity No: 1118003),  is a very small charity and gains its funds mainly from myself and a friend doing Car Boot Sales and Raffles throughout the year to pay for Veterinary fees (for Neutering mainly) but also for vaccinations and treatments necessary.

However, every now and then We need to ask for extra help AND this is one of those times........

HERO, as she is now called was found on the street.  Abondend and Scared in the most terrible state.  The Sadness in her eyes says it all.  Rescued and treated she has now made a very good recovery but we are left with a huge Vets bill  to pay.  Unfortunately, the photo of Hero fully recovered has too many pixels to upload on here BUT be seen on the facebook link ...thank you x

Some people may say its too much to spend on one dog.....BUT we say Hero Deserved a chance, just as they all do.

Hero, did not ask to be born in Turkey and have a life on the streets and now she has been rehomed and is Safe .

Thank you for reading and for donating X

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