Helping Small Businesses Survive & Thrive

Helping Small Businesses Survive & Thrive

Helping Small Businesses Survive & Thrive - Sales, Business & Marketing Consultancy 

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Sales, Business & Marketing Consultancy 

Unfortunately 1,000s of business close their doors every year and help is either far too expensive or far too complicated for small business owners.

We have the vision to launch our sales, business & marketing consultancy firm with a difference. The difference being that our vision is to help small business 'Survive & Thrive' against a very differcult market place. With more competition that ever we would help small business recognise that they still have a market share and teach them how to exploit it.

We are two individuals that have years of experience running sales, marketing and business strategy at the top of companies. We would rely on this funding to give up our current roles and pursue this dream full time.

Investing in people and communities is vital to the success of this business. So part of our dream would be to offer key skills training, to both business owners and their staff. Strengthening them from within their own walls rather than purely offering short term solutions.

Please take the time to consider what we are trying to achieve and please invest!