Helping Poor Children with Education in Pakistan

Helping Poor Children  with Education in Pakistan

To help poor but bright Christian children in the villages of Pakistan, whose access to education is limited due to their faith.

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On 19th Jan 2018 we successfully raised £20 with 1 supporter in 56 days

In Pakistan, Christian children are discriminated against on the basis of their faith. They are often targets of torture and are not spared in such discriminating laws like stringent and torturous blasphemy laws both in school and in their local community. This discrimination equally affects their parents limiting their access to employment(equal opportunities)  which increases the level of poverty and indirectly and directly affecting their children. 

As a consequence there are increased school drop-out rates among Christian children particularly those from poor families(both in primary and in Secondary Schools).  The girl child is the most affected as some are abducted and forced to convert to Islam or early marriages.

 The main aim of this project is therefore to raise funds to set up a christian faith-based   school  in Gojra, Qasoor, Shanti Nager villages  in the Punjub region of Pakistan where persecution, discrimination and exclusion of christian children is notably high. Some of the funds will be used to buy education facilities, pay teachers, provide scholarships, uniforms, transportation( a school bus) and school meals.

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