Helping Neda and her Boys

Helping Neda and her Boys

Please donate to help Neda and her 3 boys, James, Sam and Luca after their Dad, Martin, sadly died two weeks ago.

We did it!

On 1st Nov 2016 we successfully raised £2,656 with 50 supporters in 28 days

This summer has been beyond challenging for Neda and her boys, James (18), Sam (14) and Luca (12). 

Their Dad, Martin, was diagnosed with bowel cancer in December last year. He had chemo-radio therapy in April and May of this year. It seemed as though his health was somewhat stable until he fell extremely ill only a week before he died.

Although Neda and Martin were seperated they still lived in the same house, one flat upstairs and another below, so the boys had easy and equal access to both.  Sadly Martin died 2 weeks ago. Neda and their boys were absolutely there for him at all times.  In a rare and beautiful way Martin died in his own bed at home surrounded by his sons and Neda, his body remained at their home for the week before the funeral where many people from the surrounding community and beyond came to pay their last respects, light candles and say their prayers for him. The boys were able to go and see him during that week whenever they wanted to, and they did.

Neda was the driving force behind they way in which this came about, insistent upon Martin having a good death both during his dying and in the days and weeks after, she did it for him and for their boys, knowing that there was healing as well as heartbreak in the mix. I need not explain why Neda wanted to do things the way she did, some of you will understand and some of you may not. But the reality of the situation now as the dust begins to settle from an intense period of purpose is the sorting out of Martins belonging's, moving his things out of his flat so the landlord can rent it out again etc etc the list goes on.

There is no financial sum that will be going to the family, not even to cover the funeral costs. Neda now has to single handedly continue with the bringing up of her 3 boys. Its going to be hard, it already is.

With all this happening very recently it makes so much sense to do what we can to give all of them some breathing space. Raising some money at least for the next month to six weeks so they can ease their way back into things is such an easy thing to do if we all give.  So that the wonderful way in which Neda has forged this immense undertaking for Martin and her children can be continued for a time even when the dust has settled and life as we know it seems to carry on regardless. The world we live in at least has little time or respect for mourning or a healthy attitude towards death and dying. It would be such a great thing if we were all to pitch in to help ease the looming sense of urgency that threatens Neda's doorstep.

Neda has done a great many things to help other people in her life, me being one of them, she is such a genuine, loving and honest woman I'm sure those of you who know her will all agree. So please if you can donate to this fund to help this beautiful family out in such a troubled and heartbreaking time please please do so.

Just so you know there is a 5% fee plus VAT, so please also consider this when donating.

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