Helping my mother get the retirement she needs

Helping my mother get the retirement she needs

Ok so here goes nothing. Please help my mother have the retirement she deserves.

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Ok so here goes nothing. 

My mother has recently had to take redundancy as her school is closing. She was a school nurse for a number of years but has now had to look for other employment. Growing up I never knew how much my mother, being a single parent, did for my two brothers and I. She has given up her life to support us in what ever way she could and giving up her own life goals to care for us. 

Its cheeky I know to ask but what I am trying to do is give her the retirement she deserves.. if I won the lottery and has £10,000,000 it still wouldn't be enough to give her all the money for everything she has done for us. Having not paid into a pension to bring us kids up I feel like she needs to live a little. 

Please if you could help, it would mean to world to her and understanding her struggle.