Helping My 'La La Luxuries' Capsule Collection

Helping My 'La La Luxuries' Capsule Collection

Please support me in creating my first capsule collection to send to media outlets.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

La La Luxuries

I have always envisioned myself having my own business. Especially in clothing.

The brand I have created is a luxury bespoke brand. Offering made to measure luxury, but middle price range, lace lingerie, silk robes, and bespoke dresses. I want to promote the manufacturing process in Britain so I will do all my designing and making within my spare room. I will buy fabrics from local independent fabric shops to help other small businesses.

I have recently graduated from University in Fashion Design - bridal wear. I loevd the whole process of pattern making and sewing up a whole new creation. This led me onto enter and compete in the Midlands Fashion Awards with my six piece bridal collection. Very luckily, I came Runner Up. However, competing in this competition hasn't even me much publicity to be able to create a brand and take it on further. - Dont get me wrong I am incredibly grateful for that chance to compete and the title to be able to put on my CV!

I work part time so I am able to keep creating my capsule collection on the side. Though as I only work part time this leaves me with just enough money to pay my bills.

I am asking for just £100.  Which will all go on materials to create my collection. The money left over which I estimate to be roughly half of the total, will go on to buy materials to make one of each garment to send out to fashion bloggers and media outlets to gain exposure to my business and point new customers in the my direction. Studying fashion for 5 years now, I know social media marketing, including bloggers - can reach a lot more of the right audience than traditional paper marketing. My target audience is 18 - 30 years old.