Helping me help prison staff help those in prison

by Harriet in Bristol, England, United Kingdom


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Fund me to do a course that will help me develop my ability to help staff help residents in a group of prisons.

by Harriet in Bristol, England, United Kingdom

I want to complete the One Thought Foundations programme with Dr Aaron Turner because I know it will transform my ability to make change in my field within the Prison Service.  I’m tasked with reducing violence and self harm across a group of prisons. To do this I need to influence and support others to gain better clarity of mind. There are some brilliant people in the service working in a state of befuddlement - me too sometimes!  I’ve found an approach that really helps. I’m trying to introduce it for the residents via a social enterprise called Beyond Recovery. I need to bring in some fresh thinking for staff and managers to support the work for the staff. Coupled with nearly 15 years experience, the One Thought course will really support me to do this.  The One Thought course inspired the Beyond Recovery project so combined the impact in our prisons could be amazing!  

There’s currently no funding within the service for this kind of training and I have limited funds to cover this myself.  So if you happen to have a little spare money and feel able to send it in this direction I’d really appreciate it. I know this will make a difference. 

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