Helping Kammi to live for ART

Helping Kammi to live for ART

Please help me to raise funds I need for Art and Design in Education MA at University College London (UCL) starting September 2016

We did it!

On 3rd Aug 2016 we successfully raised £2,750 with 11 supporters in 56 days

Hello Generous backers, I am a 24-year-old Artist from Hong Kong, who specializes in photography and painting. I am also a freelance wedding dress designer.

Now, I am completing my masters in Fine Arts digital at Camberwell college of art (a college of the University of the Arts London), which I will be graduating this coming July.

I intend to start the education course at UCL in September 2016 after being awarded a scholarship from my university and sponsorship from Hong Kong which will cover part of the course fees. I am now looking for help with funding to pay the rest of school fees and the additional costs.

For thanking your support, I will offer my art pieces as reward:

(More pictures/ parintings avaiable, please follow reading or visit


(More pictures/ parintings avaiable, please follow reading or visit


I am primarily interested in conceptual and theoretical issues which can be used to explicate human emotions, thoughts, and feelings. In order to work effectively as an artist and deliver a strong message to my audiences, I believe that I must have a strong emotional attachment with my work. Being keen on the subject matter I am doing, this will keep me motivated to develop my art piece further and further. I see my art as part of my life and a repository of my faith. 


My current piece, which is an extension of my BA project, is entitled "Fate is chosen, but life is a choice". This project investigates decision-making and the struggles people face when they need to make a choice. My goal with this research is to encourage my audiences to question themselves, their own decision-making process, and how their choices have impacted their lives. 

for more details, please go to:


Tracing back to my decision to study in the UK and to apply for this education course, please allow me to start it from my A-level graduation.

Unlike in western culture, children are often coddled in Chinese families. Even if they are physically and mentally mature, Chinese parents keep watching, protecting and spoiling them. Although I come from a typical Chinese family, I have always wanted to break free from this cultural norm and become an independent adult that can carve my own path.

When I applied for undergraduate degree, I was told

‘Once you made a decision on your own, you deserve to gain if it is right and you have the responsibility to bear the consequences if it is wrong. However, if you choose to follow the decision that other people made for you, you cannot feel the true happiness how a right choice can bring you. And when the choice fails to meet your expectations, you will blame others and shirk responsibility.’

This statement had a profound impact on me and encouraged me to focus on making my own decisions. Despite my parents' wishes and a lucrative business scholarship, I chose to follow my own passion and study Visual Arts in Hong Kong Baptist University in 2010.

Even my parents rejected to pay the tuition fee for me as a ‘punishment’ for not following their plans, I really enjoyed those three years of learning and working. Now, I believe I can win my parents' respect and trust if I insist on my plan and impress demonstrate my success.

I am so happy I decided to start making my own choices. The effort I put in and the happiness I gained from my first was well worth, and I was eventually able to convince my parents to support me to study aboard and further develop my art. 

for viewing collection of my previous artworks


After my graduating from my undergraduate program, I had a gap year of traveling and taking part time jobs. I love traveling and adventures. Seeing how big the world is makes us realize how small are problems are. This has really encouraged me to live my life with more positivity and meaningfulness, and to treasure what I already have. I also value traveling because it lets me learn about life and people. My motto is "people judge because they don't understand, people respect because they try to understand”.

for viewing my travel story regarding my art project:


I think I am quite different from my peers because of my family background. In Hong Kong, people tend to have one child because of high living costs. In contrast, I have a very big family and we have very close connection with my relatives as we live together. I was forced to learn to be responsible and tough since my very young age because I am the eldest in my generation.

This also encourages me to learn how to cooperate and communicate efficiently with the elder and younger generations. These experiences help me a lot in getting along with others in school and working environment.

When I went I back to school for my masters in 2014 fall, I didn't know anyone in the UK. Although I have a lot of solo traveling experience, I never lived far away home for a long time in a place completely new to me.

During my first two semesters of study, I did very well and I enjoyed learning and studying in a new country very much. My parents were very proud of me being independent and mature far away from home. 

However, there is no rose without a thorn. At that moment when I thought I was the world’s luckiest person who has good family, good friends and the life I want, my father died in an accident.

2015 has been a very tough year to me, losing my father suddenly and having my uncles plunder the inheritance he left us. However, I know these problems will enable me to face any challenges in the future. I will always do my best to make my parents proud of me. And I see this as a lesson for me to be brave and tough for uncertainties.

I am very honoured and still consider myself as a lucky person. It is not just because I’m healthy and able to do what I want; the most important thing is that I always have people to give me advice and support. I am so glad that in every significant moment of my life, I met a teacher or other guide that could inspire me with their advice and opinions. I sincerely understand how a word could influence another person and how much a belief can change someone’s life. 

Therefore, I wish to spread this ‘luck’, I want to be a person who can inspire other people, discover one’s potential….



I sincerely thank you for those supporting me, you are definitely making a choice to help me developing a better me.

For your reference, here’s a breakdown of the cost I will need for the coming academic year doing an education MA course:

Deducting the scholarship and sponsorship support , I still need to raise £10,000 to pursuit my dream.


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