Helping Hands Online Community

by Carrie King in Ramsgate, England, United Kingdom

Helping Hands Online Community
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Providing a network for domestic service providers and clients, to promote easy access to work for helpers and accessible local services.

by Carrie King in Ramsgate, England, United Kingdom

As a busy mum, I understand that working full time and balancing life can be a challenge. It can be hard to fit everything into a day, and some of us are less able to go about day to day tasks than others.

Some of us never have time to finish the housework, get the ironing done or walk the dog. Some of us struggle to get a meal on the table, stock up on groceries or need help picking the kids up from school. Some would like to learn a new language, hobby, skill or to pick up a new instrument, but don't know where to start. And some of us have a lot to give, to teach and to invest in our communities.

Step in the Helping Hands Online Community Project. My idea is to easily connect people based on their professional and creative skills, to clients seeking these services. 

My project aim is specifically to enable people out of full time employment by connecting them to a network of clients who need services such as domestic cleaning, pet walking and sitting, gardening, home cooked meals, childminding, as well as craft teachers, language tutors and befriending for the elderly or disabled.

On reaching my crowdfunding target, I will use the money to develop my idea into a website and app which easily connects people in their local areas, in order to provide these service. The community with share adverts to promote these services and skills. Helpers will be self employed,.

There will be a small monthly/yearly subscription to both clients and helpers, in order to keep this business running.

My idea will promote getting people back into work and help connect people socially within their local areas.  In our busy world, a little extra help goes a long way.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£36 or more

A year of Helping Hands subscription

Access to the Helping Hands website and app for the first year, as either a client or as a helper.

£10 or more

A 25% discount when signing up to Helping Hands

A 25% discount when signing up to the Helping Hands website or app, as a client or as a helper.

£16 or more

Helping Hands Keyring

A keyring with the Helping Hands logo on, to show you have supported a worthy cause.

£26 or more

0 of 100 claimed

Helping Hands Tabard

A tabard displaying the Helping Hands logo. Perfect to wear to work and displaying your commitment to a worthy cause if you plan on enlisting as a domestic cleaner on the app.

£38 or more

0 of 50 claimed

Helping Hands Messenger Bag

A messenger bag, printed with the Helping Hands logo. Display your commitment to this great cause in style.

£500 or more

Come Dine with Us

A home cooked meal and the chance to meet with the founders of this great project.

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