Helping Gamblers for a fresh start

by Azmat in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

Helping Gamblers for a fresh start


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This project will help gamblers who want to leave that lifestyle and start a fresh life. This will be from financial help to moral support.

by Azmat in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

I was addicted to gambling from 2014 to 2016. I lost all my savings, my house and my job because of gambling. I felt like there is no other way I can get my life back to normal if I don’t win. I ended up loosing everything. I wanted to leave it. Searched a lot if anyone could help me with that but you will be surprised how little help is available for people in this situation! I had come to a point where I wanted to sell my kidneys to payoff the money I borrowed from people, no luck! And then when I found no way I started looking for painless ways to commit suicide! To be honest that’s the worst feeling you can have, I felt so helpless and frustrated I can’t even explain. Luckily for me one of my friend helped me financially and took me to casino to get myself banned from casinos and from online gambling. He paid off my debts and I started new job and slowly cleared his money. I went on IVA to clear all my other debts with one monthly payment. Now I am happy with my life and I am back to normal financially and mentally. I promised myself that time if I ever get out of these debts I will do something for people in similar situation in which I was, who are willing to leave gambling and start fresh and to be honest I did. In last two years I turned one guy from gambling to normal life. It’s the best feeling when you help people in need. At the moment I have four other people who are in touch with me for help because of limited funds I have I can’t help all so here I am looking for your support to make a difference in our community. Please my brothers and sisters help this cause and let’s save some lives.


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