Helping disadvantaged children have gaming tech.

by Conor McGregor in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, United Kingdom

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We at ExoGamingXC want to help the disadvantaged children of the world and people with mental health issues have access to new gaming tech.

by Conor McGregor in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, United Kingdom

1608308177_screenshot_20201218-015346_alibabacom.jpgFirst off everyone should be equal and this goes for what we have also.


We specialise with people from learning disabilities to people that just can't quite afford technology. To give technology at very low prices means we feel accomplished and so does the receiver having obtained a peice of there own property.

I'v created a rank system for my community were the higher rank they achieve by doing something positive the bigger discounts are available for the higher teir technology. But I search the market for even the best at the lowest price teirs.
1608308211_screenshot_20201218-070424_alibabacom.jpgI'd like to look to schools or hospitals for guidance on my business model journey.

To gain rank you can help others out by trading or gifting games, playing online with someone that struggles to find friends. Share out your old technology you no longer use and maybe even help in a purchase. We all work together here at ExoGamingXC to make gaming more fun.
1608308232_screenshot_20201218-021158_alibabacom.jpgHigher teirs allow you to access alot less of asking price for the best technology. Everyone at ExoGamingXC gets a free welcome t-shirt. To become a member its only 1 pound per month and the proceed are donated to the NHS mental health organisation.

We also would love to have the capacity to provide for free to hospitals.

Anything you give really helps out the community and disadvantaged.

Well health issues such as having schizophrenia is terrible and terrifying to those who have it. Having a place to escape this world every now and then could be a life changing experience. This is the reason I strive to give people like this the opportunity of owning really amazing gaming technology.

Some say esports is the future and it could be for your kids growing up. Giving a child the accessibility to game is precious. One day they might even be a esports champion and be in a position to help from a starting point here. Getting the support they need.




This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

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£100 Reward

Get a gaming phone with gamepad worth £449, because you support our cause and the first, second or third big donator we thank you.

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Early access to our up coming android game mid 2021 return of the emperor: coliseum.

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Our brand gaming tshirt

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