Helping Crispy

Crispy was hit by a car, £500 needed to cover vet bills and MRI scan, before he can have a forever home.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

Crispy was hit by a car £500 is need for MRI and vet bills.  

Given up by his owners a with the lame excuse of allergies,   As you can see by the way he walks he has damage and problems.  He in a rescue centre in Spain ran by IARA.  They are a register charity in Spain, like all charities the world over its hard to raise funds.

All their animals are helped via fundraising, all help is voulentary just like here in England.   Crispy is ready for rehoming, but before he can find his forever home he needs to have an MRI,thats where I come in.  That alone costs €350.

I am raising funds to help poor Crispy, all funds raised by me will go directly to the rescuer's.

I started my journey in fundraising last November, thinking I would just do a year and then that's it, another one of those things on your bucket list ticked off.  I don't think I will stop now, it's been an incredible year, I have loved helping so many people who rescue animals.  This year alone the money raised has helped dogs get to there forever homes, helped rescue dogs from being killed in the Spanish dog pounds,  paid for vet bills and lots of other things.  It's an amazing feeling doing something for others without any thought of yourself.  Giving without the thought  of something given in return, but you do get something back for it.  It's heartwarming.  Everyone should try it.  It is so rewarding.

Please donate what you can, it does not matter how small, it's the thought that counts.