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Skills For Life - Helping Children Manage Money

by Catherine Pritchard in Frampton Cotterell, England, United Kingdom

Skills For Life - Helping Children Manage Money
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Managing money is missing from our curriculum, we would like to make it a focus and give our children the knowledge they need and deserve.

by Catherine Pritchard in Frampton Cotterell, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

We want to be able to push this topic as far as we can with the children, creating a template that can be rolled out across all the age groups and abilities.

As an Aviva employee, I am delighted that Watermore School has been invited to join the Community Fund trial. Managing money is a topic that was recognised as missing from the curriculum in a parent forum meeting in September 2019. It was highlighted by parents that it is something that they would like covered in school and think should be taught in class. We agree! 

We have been researching what materials are available and have found online resources that can be downloaded and used in class. We don’t want to just add this to the long list of topics that teachers need to cover off, we want to do something dynamic and different for the children. 

We would like the funding to pay for a teaching assistant for an afternoon a week to lead on this project and organise it all. We want to make it an energetic project with interactive assemblies, saving schemes, workshops, trips! Something that will capture the children's imagination and give them the life skills they will need in the future.

There is so much content available online, we just need it to be pulled together and presented to the children in a fresh and innovative way. 

This will be a pilot scheme, it is a topic we haven’t covered before and managing money has so many different avenues it can be taken. We really want to get the children thinking outside the box and have a full understanding of money and how it matters. 

We believe the benefit of the life skills this would teach our children would be invaluable, so a donation from the Aviva fund and public crowd funding of £1000 would be a tremendous help towards enabling us to provide this.

Let's make 'Skills For Life - Helping Children Manage Money' happen

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