Helping Your Business Advertise on Social Media

by Emma Mary McConnell in Omagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

Helping Your Business Advertise on Social Media
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Unfortunately this project was not successful.

I aim to help small businesses advertise on social media such as Facebook etc. So that the can compete with the larger companies and grow.

by Emma Mary McConnell in Omagh, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

My Name is Emma Mary McConnell, a mother of two. I was made redundant after 15 years of service, 2 days after my 2nd child was born. I soon discovered that I could no longer return to work due to the cost of childcare. The decision to start my own business was an easy one. I completed a Social Media course and have trained myself up on advertising on many social media platforms. 

My aim is to help the smaller business who don't have their own advertising department within their organisation create leads and purchase online. The Larger companies are already doing this and I want the smaller business to benefit from social media advertising, and compete with the Larger companies. Too many small businesses are losing out as they don't realise the true potential of marketing to the large audience within facebook, twitter Instagram & Pinterest.

I would be offering people either a one-off advertisement or another fee if they wanted me to monitor on a weekly or monthly basis & adjust it accordingly

It will not take much to get my business off the ground as It can be done by me at home, so I would use the funds to pay for my own advertising to make people aware of offering. 

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