Helping Businesses become Greener and Cleaner

We are committed to showing UK Businesses how to become greener. PLEASE join us invest in The Big Green Event 2017 and make this happen.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The POWER of  ONE!

What if every business did just ONE thing?

Changed ONE thing to help reduce their environmental impact

What if that ONE thing was to visit an exhibition that showed them that ONE thing?

And they shared the results with ONE more company and they were both spurred on ot do ONE more thing

That's the POWER of ONE

You have the power to do ONE thing today ONE thing to make all this happen....................

We are the Southern Sustainability Parnership - two Dorset based Business Women with a shared passion and commitment to supporting organisations through the energy, waste and  environmental management minefield. Recognising that organisations want to reduce their carbon emissions but maybe lack the resources, skills and importantly the knowledge to enable them to do so, alongside running their businesses. The culmination of 12 years experience in the sector resulted in the first self funded Big Green Event 2016 held in Southampton which brought together supporting green suppliers of products, technologies and services and visitors from accross the UK. Companies that visited the show in its first year included:

Hilton, National Grid, Balfour Beatty, GSK, Ministry of Justivce, RNLI, Brittany Ferries, HMRC,  Serco, CAE (UK) Ltd, Kier, Farrow and Ball, BAM Nuttell, IMEA, Allen and York as well as SME's and local authorities from across the region and beyond. 

 What drives us to do what we do is the proven knowledge that supporting a green agenda will reduce running costs of businesses of all type and size, improve processes, attract and retain the best staff  and ultimately improve their carbon footprint.

We now have the model for a 2017 event  but what we lack are the resources to reach the right number of organisations to make it viable for exhibitors and visitors to support this event in its 2nd year and beyond.  

Please help us to help even more businesses become greener and reach the government targets (The Climate Change Act established a target for the UK to reduce its emmissions by at least 80% from 1990 levels by 2050 or we face heavy penalties) because if we dont it will affect each and every one of us both enviromentally and financially.