Helping Bees! Fund a new apiary

Helping Bees! Fund a new apiary

To open a new semi-urban apiary to help honey bee population and be used as an educational site to encourage others.

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 7:14pm 3rd March 2018

Phase One

Develop suitable apiary site and buy new hives (£250 each), this avoids disease helping safeguard the bees . 

Phase Two

Introduce bees from neighbouring trusted beekeepers with high quality queens to ensure strong colonies. 

Phase Three 

Once established the hives will be used to pollinate Local crops and gardens, contribute to strong population of honey bees in the area, and be used to educate future beekeepers free of charge. 

Excess honey will be collected but never to the detriment of the colonies. All funds from the sale of which will be reinvested into the project to help with upkeep and expansion.