Helping Agnese recover her losses ♡

by Psy Family (& beyond) in London, England, United Kingdom

Helping Agnese recover her losses ♡
We did it
On 7th October 2019 we successfully raised £3,375 with 111 supporters in 28 days

Our dear Agnese has lost her home and everything in it after a savage fire. This crowdfunder is set up to help her recover her losses ♡

by Psy Family (& beyond) in London, England, United Kingdom

With immense love and sense of community this page has been set up to crowdfund to help our dear friend Agnese recover her losses after a savage fire destroyed her home and everything in it.

Agnese is safe ♡ and her kitty - which is the most blessed thing.

Coming together we can help Agnese replace and rebuild her life. 

Its traumatic enough escaping such a severe emergency event but then reality hits. Imagine having to watch the home you own, all your lifelong belongings, memories, sentiments, practical things and everyday essentials going up in flames. We cant bring her things back from the ashes but we can put our love together and show her she is supported by collecting a fund to help her restart her life.

Even the smallest donation will add up and go far. Every pound counts and I know this will be immensely appreciated.

Thank you for your kindness ♡♡♡

Be safe in the knowledge that all donations will absolutey go directly to Agnese.


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