Helping a Roma family survive this winter.

Project by Megan Brayton
Helping a Roma family survive this winter.

I want to collect enough to buy Samantha and her seven children food, wood, winter clothing as well as alternative safe accommodation.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

 My sister in law Samatha is a Roma woman who is living in extreme poverty with her seven children. The photo above is from when I brought them clothing people donated to help them last year. Her husband who she's been with from age 15 has run off with another woman. Leaving Samantha to fend for herself and seven children alone. Samantha is illiterate and had very little schooling. She is begging for food in the streets with little success. They are starving and have no wood for the fire as well as very little clothing nothing suitable for winter. I want to raise money for food winter clothing and wood. But also to try and buy her another place to live. Where she is living is not safe for her. As a man is trying to rape her. And throw her off the property. If he succeeds in throwing her off the land. Her children will be taken from her as they will be homeless. I don't think she will survive if that happens. I am really worried for her. And know the man is using the threat of throwing them off the land as a way to abuse her. Please help in any way you can. If you know of any Org's that can help her in Bihor co. Please let me know. 

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