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Hello I am shona, hoping to achieve my goal of being on stage performing professionally,I aim to raise money towards fees for dance college.

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On 22nd Jul 2015 we successfully raised £225 with 5 supporters in 28 days

Project aim

Hello I am shona, hoping to achieve my goal of being on stage performing professionally, I aim to raise money towards fees for dance college.

About the project

My name is Shona Howard I am 18 years old living in the local village in Sheffield called Kiveton Park, I've danced all of my life never really been given the chance to shine showing my talent. After auditioning for about 6 months I was giving up on myself and I didn't think I was good enough for the industry, my confidence kept decreasing . Until I found Tiffany's Theatre College , I was accepted for Tiffany's with a 35% scholarship. However this is still a problem for me to raise this money on my own. This is where your help comes in. I know I have a scholarship however that scholarship doesn't pay for it all and also I have to pay for uniform , and recommended dance gear which is top quality.

Why am I crowd funding ?

I am crowd funding as I need the help to raise the money for my fees for the 7th of September as this is my first payment of £1,500. I need help with my fees as I am funding my self with my further education my mum and dad are trying to help so far however its becoming a challenge getting the funds together. Thats why I need your help as the money you will donate will go towards the fees I need to pay to guarantee my place in September. I will be so happy for any money raised, if I do raise enough money, the extra money will go towards my college uniform as I need to pay for this on the first day aswell. As you can imagine this is a lot of money to have for the first day thats why I am using crowdfunding helping just to get a little further towards my dream.

Why should you fund towards my future ?

I feel anyone who contributes to my fees will help relieve me of the stress and worry of getting the money together. I feel I am a very happy person, bubbly; I will be so happy if you do contribute to my future and I dont forget every last person who has contributed to my future. I feel I have been given a second chance in life as I was ill when I was one, I was in hospital with Cardiomyopathy (which means an enlarged heart). I nearly had a heart transplant and nearly died however I was saved by doctors and on a life support machine, however this doesn't stop my passion for dancing singing and acting. I will never use this condition as an excuse for anything.

I feel this is what makes me special from anyone else, nearly dying gave me another reason why I want to make a difference and to showcase my talent. I am so lucky to be alive so I feel this opportunity of getting a place at dance college has given me a chance to show the world that a normal girl like me can make something of her self.

To learn more about where I am going and how you helping me raise this money for this professional college can help me improve and get better in the industry as Tiffany's is a high rated professional training college with 90% graduates gaining a job in the west end and the professional musical theatre and dance industry. 

Why is musical theatre and dance my future ?

I have a passion to dance I know I am differnt to every other girl trying to get funding for their chosen college. You always hear they love dance and they have been dancing all their lives and they dream about being on the west end. Truthfully I am exactly the same, I have been dancing since the age of 2 with my two sisters and brother as an inspiration whilst growing up. One of my sisters has already had training professionally and I look up to her a lot, I feel if she can do it I can have the motivation and determination to pursue my dreams. I have watched my sister grow into a beautiful dancer and performer and so proud of her getting professional jobs . How am I different to other normal people with a dream of being on the west end? I have determination, I am very hard working and if first you don't succeed try try again. Since I've been at school and through doing dance and performing arts at Doncaster College I've always had that goal of getting into a professional training college. I tried my best to get the best grades possible, I always think more is better as you know definitley you have the grade. Going by this I gained Distinctions in all of my work giving me D*D*D* overall equivalent to A* at A-level, even though I have the distinctions I always try my best including having 100% attendance record. I have worked so hard to get to this point in my life and having this opportunity of going to a professional college is the best feeling in the world.

I have given to chartites and danced for them, for the last two years our dance shows all the money raised was given to the chosen charity, I feel so happy when I am raising money for people in need. Especially from my last dance show which was raising money for the Childrens Heart Surgery Fund as this has a place in my heart as they help babies and people like me with heart conditions.

Since I was 16 I have been working so hard every weekend to save up all the money I can get together as I knew since I was little I’ve always wanted to go to a dance college. On the side of having two jobs I have done character appearances such as Elsa, me and my sister have done parties and public performances including singing the songs from frozen, party games and interacting with children. If people are interested I can send a signed photo of me and my sister as Anna and Elsa when you donate £30, each photo will be personalised for you. Other rewards are on offer for the limited edition ones are for people donating high amounts of money including videos of me singing, dancing, video of me appearing as Elsa. For the £50 with all the other stuff included from the previous rewards however you can get a personalised message from me on Instagram, Facebook or YouTube saying hello and any questions you would like to ask me about my funding perhaps or how would the funding help me in the future. For £100 you will get a mug with a personalised message from me, if local a visit to your house or party as Elsa for quick visit.

I have organised a fundraiser to help with the fundraising, the link is below if anyone local would like to support near Sheffield: 

For the other rewards you may need the links to my instagram, youtube and my facebook please leave some contact details for the ones which need one. 

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