Help HotBoxStudios Launch

Help HotBoxStudios Launch

To raise enough money to buy the correct software, licenses and hardware to produce, mix and release my own music, and promote local artists

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

I have been a musician for 20 years and have always had problems releasing music due to hardware and license limitations.

I require some software licenses, interface hardware, output devices and studio equipment to be able to produce, perform and release profsional quality sound and music.

I have been aspiring to make digital music for many years, and have tried multiple trial softwares; but cannot save or export audio files. I also DJ but software licenses limit me from using interface devices in my mixes.

I would also like to be able to allow other independant musicians to come to my studio, free of charge and use my equipment, but it is currently not up to requirements.

I require:

- Production and mixing software packages & licenses (ableton live is around £150 and the mixing software i would like to use is around £250 for the unlimited package which allows multiple controllers to be used)

- Audio interface and monitors (around £250 for a complete package)

- Acoustic Treatments for the studio environment

- Studio furnishings and fittings.

- Improved hardware

Currently i have a Laptop, some basic MIDI devices and some prepackaged trial software.

All pledges will recieve a thank you personally from myself,  will be printed on the liner notes and studio files and will recieve a bonus track not on the release.