End slavery -Gladys' storage fees

End slavery -Gladys' storage fees

Help a homeless 73 year old out of domestic servitude

We did it!

On 2nd Nov 2017 we successfully raised £700 of £500 target with 8 supporters in 28 days

Gladys is 73 years old. She is homeless and is currently sleeping on trains and buses, and spending nights in 24 hour MacDonalds. 

Gladys' daughter Naomi suddenly died from cancer in 2008; she has no other family in the UK. After her daughter died, Gladys soon ran out of savings and was evicted. She placed her daughter's belonging in storage for safekeeping. She dreams that one day she will return Naomi's belongings  to South Africa, where her family live in exile from political persecution in Swaziland. 

In order to pay for the storage fees of £100 a month, Gladys has been forced into human slavery. She works as a domestic servant often for 15 hours a day. She is denied adequate food and freedom of movement. She is threatened everyday, and lives in fear. She has been exploited in domestic servitude since 2014. She can't bear to sell the belongings as they are the last remnant of her daughter's life. 

Gladys suffers from memory loss and anxiety - not surprising given the stress she is suffering at the age of 73. She often finds herself lost and at the mercy of strangers, placing herself at further risk of exploitation. 

Gladys has finally sought help to try and get out of her exploitative situation, but she is currently unable to pay the storage fees which are £100 a month. She believes she has to return to domestic servitude simply to keep her daughter's things safe. I am crowdfunding to ensure that Gladys can pay the storage fees for the next few months whilst we try and find a durable solution for her and help her to reach safety. 

Please help by donating whatever you can to help this vulnerable mother out of human slavery. 

Note: Names have been changed to protect identities

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