'Helpers' app to help NHS Staff

by Wolfmatrix Limited in Harrow, England, United Kingdom

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The 'Helpers' app is a dedicated place for the NHS Staff to ask for help in Childcare during their day or night shifts or to buy essentials.

by Wolfmatrix Limited in Harrow, England, United Kingdom

About the app

This app is a dedicated platform for the NHS Staff to place requests like Childcare during their shift times (day or night), buy essential items for them when they are busy with their shifts, order ready meals for their team or as individuals. The staff has a family life too, to think and worry about. Usually, it is very difficult to find childcare help during night shifts. The NHS Staff can post requests on this app, where registered helpers in the area will come to their help.

And also, we have seen the public in general wanted to help the NHS in some way during the Covid-19 crisis, but they didn't where to look.

This app, has the potential to become a place of job opportunities too for childminders and nursery staff who look for work outside their office hours or as an alternate job.

Nurseries can also (if they are willing to) offer discounts to NHS Staff members to take their children.

This app, we hope to become a place for restaurants too, to look for any food requests in nearby hospitals. In the current version of the app, if subscribed to notifications, restaurants get notified on their mobile whenever a request is placed. They might as well start giving discounts to NHS Staff.

We have invested five months so far on this project, just before the time the lock-down started, working alongside my day job. We hope to raise the money to keep this great idea moving forward and become sustainable. Particularly this project needs money to:

  • Hire a professional Swift developer who can develop the app in native iOS platform.
  • Hire a contract professional Software tester for both Android and iOS to find software bugs.
  • Have an administration feature developed to monitor the requests and spot any inconsistencies.
  • Hire a administrator to check if any request is in the queue for long and to contact local helpers to remind them about the request. The admin can also act as a Support to the users.
  • To develop in-app chat feature
  • Other enhancements in both Android and iPhones.
  • Marketing 

Our email address is info@helpournhs.com if you need details of anything or if you want to understand our initiative further.

We hope to make this a popular app within the community and be a support to our NHS.

The download links are here: 

Android phones: 




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