Help me become C3PO for Children's charities




F I N A LÊ U P D A T E - S U C C E S S !


Well at 17.17 yesterday, with a final push from a good friend of mine, miss Sarah Crossman, we hit the £2000 target, with a couple of days to spare!

This is absolutely brilliant. It means I can start the next phase of sourcing parts, ordering them and preparing them to fit me. While the parts are en route to me, there is still much to do - I need to get the black undersuit, the rubber waistband and affix a variety of wires onto it, to match the classic C3PO look. Under the foot shells, I will need to wear the thinnest shoes possible, so these will be either neoprene surf socks, or japanese kung fu slippers, which is what Anthony Daniels wore.

There are also other things to arrange - brass detail parts. Voice kit and sound effects. transportation boxes. plating company. hand assembly and eye electronics.

But I'm saddened to discover that another person has crawled out of the woodwork to criticise me (and by extension my friends) for using Crowdfunder. He calls me a con man. Well I have explained myself time and time again, and my sole obligation is to you, the people who have helped me raise the money to fund *part* of this costume. He doesn't seem to care that I was the funds largest investor at £462 of my own money and another £1000 set aside for plating etc. I don't have to answer to him or anyone else. Just my friends here. And I know you trust me enough to rest assured I will do the right thing by you.

Your donations will ensure a lot of good is done. Nothing else matters, least of all the spiteful objections of a petty little man.

This is my final update, so please keep up to date from now on via my blog:

Thank you for your support. I knew I could count on you all. :)


UPDATE #16 ; last few days...


Hello donators and friends everywhere!

As you can see we're in the final 5 days now, and just hit 90%! I didn' think it would come down to the wire like this, so it looks like it'll be a photo-finish!

the remaining 10% or £200 is not an impossible thing to achieve, and I plan to throw some more cash in myself to help things along.

Once the Crowdfunder campaign ends, the story doesn't.

For those of you expecting pics of me AS C3PO the day after the funding is met, I'm sorry. That was never the plan. Once the money is raised, I have to order the main parts of the suit, from all over the world, and start the arduous task of cutting, trimming, filling and amending the suit to fit my frame ( The dieting starts in earnest too - I have to hit my ideal target of 10 stone. I'm currently 12st!) and make sure the entire suit fits me and works perfectly with not too much discomfort (what am I saying?!? It'll be a nightmare!) and once that is done, only then can it be sent to a Vacuum Metallising company for that special gold-chrome finish.

All the work going into the suit will be documented at my blog ( and I'll keep you all updated as often as I can!



UPDATE #15: COunting down - 10 days to go...


Well, only 10 days to go and we're so close!

THANK YOU to ALL donators, past and present!

I'm back form Tunisia - you can read a full report here:

I'm confident that this pitch will hit the target - and I'm also throwing more money of my own in to help that.

Please check out my T3PO blog if yo uhaven't already - from June 15th, this is where I will be updating all about the project.



UPDATE #14: A Galaxy Far, Far Away....


Hello Robonuts!

Just hit 75% with £1506 in the total. (Actually it's 1511, as a fiver needs to be transferred next week)

Thank you to all of you following and donating to this project.

Now to tell you what I'm doing next week....

A terminal Star Wars nut, I'm one of the founder members of the 'SAVE THE LARS HOMESTEAD' campaign - a thing we started 2 years ago while out in Tunisia, looking at the remaining sets from the SW movies. Our plan was ambitious - to raise enough money to go back out there and restore the domed entrance to Luke Skywalker's house, which is deteriorating fast.

Well, fast-forward two years to today, and we've acheived so much - $11,000 dollars raised from people all over the world. Lucasfilm and Mark Hamill himself approve of the project and TOMORROW - 24th May 2012, I'm off to Tunisia witht e team to start work. We've only got w week to get this thing done, but confident we can do it.

Betty Red, a good friend of mine will be taking over my blog for a week ( and she will let you know how we're doing.

Alternatively, chack the Facebook group page:

or keep up with our progress on Twitter:ÊÊ @save_lars

See you in a week's time!

Terry :)

UPDATE #13 (I think!) Home stretch!


Hello Droidmaniacs!

Today we hit 72% with only 29 days to go.

To me, 29 days seems like ages, after all it's nearly a full month. But I can't afford to rest on my laurels, as it's the last few days that will count. Almost everyone I know online and in real life have donated and I hope we don't run out of people willing to just donate a tiny amount just to push us past the finish line!

I will be out of the UK from 24th May to 3rd June, during which time I might ask foir a friend to do a guest blog while I'm away.Ê I'll post up a big blog about my overseas trio when I return, and I promise it'll be quite special!

At that point I'm also going to speak to the person responsible for supplying me with the C3PO suit parts, and by then I shouldbe able to put the order in.

And that, when the dieting begins in earnest! I plan to get my slightly wobbly 12st frame down to a lean 10 stone in time to fit into the suit!

Thank you for keeping my dream alive and I'll be back soon with a special Star Wars themed update!

Terry :)

Update #12: It's getting exciting now!


Hello, Droid builders!

Well an exciting week last week has pushed the total to a whopping £1317, that' s 66%!

With only 36 days to go, I'm hoping we can do it. Especially as I'm going to be away at the end of this month on a secret mission, which I will tell you all about (on my blog) when I return...

I'm still throwing as much money as I can into the pot when it comes in, to keep the total rising, but I'm a little disappointed in Crowdfunder themselves - I don't think any donations have come in as a direct result of people seeing my project on CF. Now, Kickstarter in the US is a huge success - lots of people around the world pop in there and donate to causes that catch their eye.

Sadly, it's still early days for CF, so it'll take time to build. And the UK is in the throes of a 'double-dip' recession, so money, I know, is tight.

Thank you for helping me. I'm not asking anyone for a penny more, I just want to try and reach those people who might be good enough to contribute but haven't yet.

Just £3 donated will push us up to 67%!

I'm sure we can do it, but I'll be biting my nails every day now until the cut-off point of June 15th!

Thanks and MTFBWYÊ (Make The Finest Bread With Yeast)

Terry :)

Update #11: Halfway there but running out of steam .... :O


Well we're just past the halfway point. £1005. Because I threw another £100 of my own money in today.

Everyone I know has been made aware of this and has either sent in their donation or chosen not to - that's fine, I'm not going to force anyone.

But I think unless something miraculous happens, I'm looking at this project failing. I'm not giving up though, just looking at the real possibility of not getting there in the remaining 39 days.

June 15th is the last day and I'm going to be out of the country (and out of internet access) for an entire 8 days soon, so I won't have a full run of days in which to keep the fundraising going.

I must stress, I don't want those of you who have already been good enough to donate to the project any more. But if you know of someone who might be up for flinging a quid or two my way, please tell them I need their help.



Update #9 : wow! still in the game!


HI funders,

As you can see we're now at 40% with about 45 days left - so we're still ahead of the daily average needed to reach the target on time. (see my daily updates HERE).

Thank you to everyone here and elsewhere who have shown their faith in me and trust that I'm serious about doing what I plan to - which is assemble the suit to stunning effect, and embody 3PO perfectly while raising smiles and funds for charities - mainly children's charities - around Wales and the South west. And further afield if I'm needed.

However, it's dawned on me that so far, the Crowdfunder site has contributed next to no sponsors. Whichis a shame because:

(a)Crowdfunder will take a small percentage of the target figure if I raise the money, and

(b) if I don't hit the target, everyone gets refunded - and that'll result in a lot of my friends in real life and around the world saying - 'I meant you to have the mney - I didn't exactly want it back! Here - have it back!' which will be, as Lou from Little Britain says, 'a right kerfuffle'.

Anyway, you never know - at the last minute when I need a funder or two, someone on CF might take pity on me and drop the final quid in, which will (as always) be gratefully received.

I still believe that what I'm doing is right and honest. I've not lied about any single thing, not hidden anything and been as blatantly transparent about the whole process every step of the way. I guess it'll be a while - maybe a year or a bit longer - to prove my word, when I finally get into the suit and hit the campaign trail.

I think my first stops will be The Heath Hospital in Cardiff - that's where my daughter (now 18) has been having regular thorat surgery since she was about 5, and the Ty Hafan Hospice in Barry, which is a place where despite stories of heart-wrenching sadness and children in a bad way, the staff always do their best and provide a second-to-none service. If I can attend there for a couple of hours as C3PO (or even my other alter-ego if needed, Jack Sparrow), I'll do my best to bring some fun, distraction and happiness to those who might need it.

This is also an important aspect - even if I don't raise any money from a visit like that, I'm still doing good in another way. Can't wait to start to be honest!

I've bought my very first parts of the suit - two small brass rods about 4" long - they're 'chest rods' which Threepio has at the front of his neck. There are a lot of small machined brass parts needed to go on this suit and I intedn to get the best I possibly can .

With your help and faith, this finished suit (added to my -ahem- brilliant physical and vocal performance) will provide a truly stellar experience for everyone.

Thanks and take care, all!

UPDATE #8: We're getting there!


With 46 dayslaft, we're doing well so far. Currently at £680 or 34%. You'll notice that I've put £130 of my own money in too, andI intednto keep putting more in.

I still need to reach those people who would, but haven't yet, considered donating. Only these people can help me hit my target.

Some wonderful things have happened so far - a number of people who I thought would have no interest in this project have stepped up and sent their doantion in. On the other hand soem of my nearest and oldest friends haven't. Which is a shame really. If Iwas in the pub with any one of these people, they'd offer to buy me a drink, but won't donate to this good cause.

I won't complain about it, just think it a bit strange, that's all. Anyway. Accentuate the positive!

I'm posting updates nightly on my blog: http://t-threepio.blogspot.comÊ So pop by and follow the bloggage!

I can't thank you enough for believing in me and donating. My video will be shot on Friday, and you'll get to see me talking about my project and if you're very good, I might even do my C3PO voice for you! Stay tuned!

MTFBWY (Make TheFInest Bread With Yeast!)

UPDATE #7: Today's news!


Today a few good things happened:Ê

Got a generous donation from Yume Kai, who I don't know, which pushed us into the 1/3 realm!Ê A third of the way there! Brilliant!

Also I received an email from a proper real-life celebrity and sci-fi actor who I have to keep anonymous (at their request)Ê for fear of them getting swamped with similar requests. But needless to say, I'm very chuffed that they're sending me a cheque!!! Not a fortune, before we all get excited, but I'm grateful for ever penny from everyone who cares enough.

Finally, I sold another nice piece of my sci-fi collection which will soon result in another £120 of my own money being paid in.

(The reason I'm always making a point of saying 'MY OWN MONEY' is to continually state that I'm doing all I can to be the main funder of this thing, and I'm not taking donations for granted. I see the donations as a sign of friendship, faith and trust, and I'm doing my best to match it.)

My video shoot for the Crowdfunder page has been moved along to the coming Friday (May The Fourth....Be with you!), so hopefully we'll have an extra boost to the donations once that goes up.

As ever, thank you for your trust and generosity, and watch the progress and daily total mount up at my blog:

Terry :)

UPDATE #6: Now the hard part...


Hello investors! Well I think the time has come, as I predicted it would: Having fought to get it off the ground and soldiered on through hordes of naysayers, we're at the second, more difficult phase.

Out of the people I know, most of them have donated, for which I'm *incredibly* grateful.

But now I have to try and persuade the general public and those who don't know me, to make a little donation if they can.

A few of my friends have promised to help at the end of this month, (as some people do get paid monthy) and I'm very happy that they have said so, but I know that we can only reach the target in the time left by reaching out to the unknown people. This is no mean feat, and I can understand that a lot of peope will not know nor care about what I'm trying to do, but I have to try.

If you have already donated, I'm not asking you for any more, but I would like you to keep this project in mind and if you know anyone who (a) loves Star Wars or (b) wold agree with my plan or even (c) is just generous and won't miss a quid or two, then please tell them to pop in here and donate. Only together we can do this.

Thank you!


PS: Shooting a video for the page on Tuesday 31st - keep watch forÊ it! :)



Well, so far things have picked up! And there I was, worrying that it was slowing down!

I've had quite a few donations in the last couple of days, and I can't thank you enough if you've taken the plunge to help out.

Many people have also sent money to me via paypal and direct transfer, and I will put this into the Crowdfunder page as soon as I can. On each occasion, I will also add some of my own money to help bump the totals up a bit.

So when you see a post from me, the sum involved will be made up of both my money and other donations.

What I would like to say is that I'd *prefer* you to donate directly via Crowdfunder. This is because the donation is added instantly, recorded by them and everything's nice and neat. More importantly for YOU, you're guaranteed to get your investment back immediately if I don't hit my target at the end of the 60 days.

(Of course I will refund everyone if that happens, but it'll take a couple of days to work out who sent in what, outside of Crowdfunder.)

In a future update, I will keep you informed as to my progress with the suit manufacturer. The current situation is he has to travel to the locationof the moulds and inspect them. I'm told I will hear the outcome of this in a week or two's time.

Thanks for your very kind support and INVALUABLE donations.

Feel free to keep up to date with my blog:

UPDATE #4: so far so good, but....


Hello all!

SO far, I'm staying above my daily average, which is £33 per day. Right now I'm at £183 (9%) and hope that the following week will see more kind and generous donations. I've been promised that I will.

What worries me is that once I've recieve a donation from all (or most) of the people who know me, that the hard part will be to maintain interest and get peole who don't know me, to donate a quid or two. If you know someone who likes Star Wars or might find it fun and relatively easy to drop a pound in my virtual tin, please tell them about me and what I hope to acheive.

I realise times are hard and I totally understand if you can't afford it. But if you're the sort of person who tips heavily at restaurants or throws coins higher than 5p into some kind of piggy bank at the end of a week, please throw a quid my way? You won't regret it.

I'm also making enquiries to team up with one or more of the UK's R2D2 owners, so that C3PO and Artoo can make appeaances together. How brilliant will that be?

Cheers me dears!


UPDATE #3: Turmoil and stormy seas!


Well, as the number of funders and donations increase, I want to thank you all again (and cheekily remind you that you can always donate more if you find any money under the sofa!)

In the past 24-48 hours, a LOT has happenned - both good and bad.Ê I discovered that a large number of people, most of whom I thought would have welcomed my initiative and idea - were offended and disapproving of it. They feel that I'm getting something for nothing and am making a selfish profit by doing this.

I tried to explain constantly and apologised for cauding any offence, but the fact are these:

  1. CROWDFUNDER have judged my idea to be legal and legitimate.
  2. I cannot raise all the money needed on my own, hence this method.
  3. I haven't broken any law, hurt anyone, cheated anyone or infringed Lucasfilm's IP
  4. I have many friends who support me 100% and know that I will stick to my word.
  5. If you feel that I'm not worth it, please do not donate. Simple as that.

Yesterday, I was a bit despondent and considered ceasing it all. But I've had so much positive feedback and messages of support, that I now know I'm doing something worthy, if unconventional.Ê But....

If the people and organisation involved decide that they cannot accept me as part of their group, I will still make regular contact with people and places that will benefit - if only from an hour's happiness for children - from a visit from C3PO.

Also in the 'bad news' folder, the USA based suit maker has told me today that he has discontinued making his suit. This worried me greatly, and for most of the day I was very distressed, thinking I might have to abandon the project....

But the GOOD news is..

I made a couple of contingency plans and this evening, I got a renewed interest from a European maker, who claim that they will pick up where he left off! Phew!

So all is not lost and my resolve is strong again.

I thank you heartily for every penny, and I feel sure this can be done in time! Please visit my blog at :Ê

May the Force Be WIth You!


UPDATE #2 - Just so you know...


Hi all of you who have donated,

Just wanted to clue you in on some facts that you might find good to know.

Crowdfunder is a new way for people to pool small amounts of money to back a good idea or project.
¥ÊÊ ÊIt's FREE to register and thereÕre no monthly subscription fees
¥ÊÊÊ They only take our 5% commission on successful projects
¥ÊÊ ÊIf I hit my £2000 target by the end date, IÕll get the money
¥ÊÊ ÊIf I donÕt, the people funding my projectÊ (you guys) will get your money back

Also at the end of the 60 day period, I won't magically have a shiny robot suit to wear. I will need to buy it, wait for it to be shipped to me and then spend a good couple of months working to get it ready to wear and plate.

It'll get plated by a process called Vacuum -Metallizing - it's not gold plating, but basically anything you see which is chrome effect bu tNOT metal, that's Vacuum Metallized. It's a tricky and expensive process, probably going to cost me around £1000. But I have contacts and I'm paying for that out of my own pocket.

Okay, more facts as and when they arise. Feel free to ask me any questions on hereÊ or facebook.

And most of all THANK YOU for your generosity!!!



UPDATE #1 - It's live and running!


Thank You to Crowdfunder for approving my pitch. Now it begins - I have just 60 days to try and persuade you lovely lovely people out there to sponsor me.

AllI really want is a £1.

That's it, just a pound. Price of a coffee. Not even enough for a pint these days! Who will fling a quid my way and help me become everyone's favourite droid* in the name of Children's charities in the UK?

*you might be annoyed by him, but you KNOW you love him really..

Please help me out. And Thank YOU if you're thinking about it. :)


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