Is my project suitable?

Crowdfunder is open to everyone. We’ve raised funds for businesses, charities, community groups, individuals, sports teams and many more. Whether or not your project will be successful comes down to three main factors:

1. Do you have a good idea that you know people will get behind?

Do you have a good idea

To engage your crowd you’ll need a good idea.

Crowdfunder projects work well when they are ideas that are clearly needed, ideas that are unique or attached to a larger cause. Test your idea with those close to you first and ask if they would back it.

2. Do you have a crowd of people you can connect with to start the ball rolling?

Do you know 10 people?

The best question to ask yourself is; Do I know 10 people who would pledge towards my project and help me turn my great idea into reality?

You then need those people to spread the word and get their friends pledging. Connecting with communities that will be interested with your project can help spread the word. Having great rewards for your backers will help people you don’t know get involved with the project, and will encourage them to pledge more.

3. Do you have a realistic target?

Realsitic target

The average pledge on Crowdfunder is £50, so for every £10,000 you will be looking to find on average 200 backers for your project.

Not everyone will pledge on your project, so for every £10,000 raised you will be looking at getting 1000 to 4000 people to view your project page. If you think your idea can reach that many people then Crowdfunder can work for you. We have thousands of projects crowdfunding with us each and every month and look forward to seeing your great idea live soon.

If you wish to offer potential supporters a financial incentive in return for their support such as equity or interest on a loan then please check out this page.