Crowdfunder's guidelines

We welcome a huge variety of projects from all over the world and are very open-minded when it comes to your ideas. We do, however, have some terms and conditions – these guidelines are an overview of what’s appropriate, and what’s not, for our website.

How we work


Crowdfunder loves:

  • Projects that benefit the community.

  • Projects with a clear goal and end point. For example, an event, a physical product, an album or a website.

  • If you are offering rewards then they should be ones you (as a Project owner) have either produced yourself, or collaborated with others on. Also please try to make them tangible. Find out what makes a great reward.


Crowdfunder is not appropriate for:

  • Projects that involve loans, investments, equity, shares, or anything relating to a criminal investigation.

  • Projects that are listed on another crowdfunding platform at the same time as they are listed on

  • Projects that are raising funds to buy real estate, or pre-sell stakes or holidays in properties that are not yet owned by the project owner or built.

  • Offensive material - this means any hate speech or pornographic material. Crowdfunder holds the right to decide what is offensive.

  • Rewards that offer tobacco, drugs or drug paraphernalia.

  • Rewards that offer contests, raffles, coupons or lifetime memberships.

  • Rewards that offer firearms, weapons, knives, weapon accessories or replicas of weapons.

  • Manufactured products which don’t meet EU safety guidelines (i.e. CE Mark, Kitemark).

  • And a final note for Project owners; Crowdfunder recommends you do not accept any unsolicited financial incentives such as loans which are offered to you by other members on the platform.

Please also read our terms and conditions and our privacy policy.