Help your No1 Gym during these difficult times

by No1 Gym in Ponteland, England, United Kingdom


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We are looking to raise money to support the gym and staff. Our priority is to maintain and improve the health of the local community.

by No1 Gym in Ponteland, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

With extra funding we would continue to invest in the upgrade of our facility and create more jobs.

We are currently looking to recruit two more employees to help the growth of our successful personal group training programme.

We would also like to re-establish links with like minded businesses to continue to improve the health and wellbeing of everyone in our community.


1605538089_2b32a59a-5da5-4c65-8a13-8c00941b821f.jpegHelping to support our local community in both their physical and mental health.

No1 Gym has been serving the local community of Ponteland since 2016.  We have successfully maintained a healthy business during this time.

The Covid-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on us; as with many other businesses, and we are looking for funding to return to business as positively as possible.


The team and some of our members during our recent beach fundraiser

What do we need the money for?

We would look to maintain and upgrade our facility to continue to support our local community with their physical and mental health during this difficult time. Improving our bodies immune system has never been so important and regular exercise has proven to do this.

It is also important that we are able to retain our staff and safeguard their future. 


What our club offers to the community

Fitness, nutrition & health have always been our main values; It’s something we focus and encourage with every member of of club.

More importantly is the social aspect of the gym.  At No1 we want our members to feel welcome; we want the gym to be an enjoyable experience. 

1605532777_crowd_fund_image_8.jpgOne of our very successful PGT groups1605532806_crowd_fund_image_4.jpg


Ben Dewar

I joined in January 2020 looking for some motivation to change my lifestyle for the better. It’s the single best fitness decision I’ve made. Sessions are fantastic and I felt physically fitter after every one.

The No1 team are amazing. Knowledge 2nd to none on both training and nutritional guidance. I have lost over a stone in my first 5 weeks. Mentally and physically I’ve never felt better.

Sarah Davis

I started PGT with No1 last September and after a month of training I had lost fat, gained definition and was a noticeably better shape. I have always been cardio fit from running but Steve has given me the confidence and self-belief to perform exercises I would never have attempted before and now I can lift, push and press more than I ever thought possible! PGT at No1 is high energy, fun and results driven and I can’t recommend highly enough.

Jane Foster

Started PGT at No1 gym in January follow about 3 years of various classes, and after only 5 weeks I feel fitter and stronger than I ever have. All the trainers are superb and very knowledgeable on both fitness and nutrition. If you’re serious about making a change and getting into shape then get signed up. I highly recommend!

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