Help young kids to achieve their dream on football

Help young kids to achieve their dream on football

The aim is to find a big talent in the football(soccer) world.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful


A player scouts tipically attends as many football games as possibles to evaluate targets first hand wishing to identify promissing young players tipically from non league /lower league /top league clubs games where their talent can be seem and given better opportunity .
Attending will be on u16/u18/u21 games or internationals tournaments.
As long I scout the player my aim is to be part of the players career and give all the support and advice necessary to the player to be sucess.

I played football for about 10 years (5 as a youth and 5 years professionaly), football has been my life , doesnt matter what I do, eventually I will be involved with football again,I didnt play high level but I played in a good level and learned through my own experience is not just about the talent but is also about having the right opportunity, be in the right place with right people.

My project is to scout and help young players without oportunities and guide them through their career, I come from brazil and I remenber how hard was to get an a opportunity , I could say I was a lucky one to get a chance to play abroad.

I have been scouting for the last 3 years with up and downs, I had to stop fews times loosing players and results due to financial issues as I have to work and make money till the football scout brings results
The results are awesome when happens business wize but till it happens it takes time .
If I have the financial side sorted to keep me going here and there I can bring results very quick .
Over the past 3 years I learned how the business works also I made loads of contacts,  now is time to make it happen ,do it properly and focus 100%, thats why Im coming here to get help because I see myself so close to make it happen.