Help with Medical Training

Help with Medical Training

This project allows me not to have to decide between, completing my studies or having a family.

We did it!

On 13th Jul 2017 we successfully raised £1,040 with 18 supporters in 42 days

I am here pleading and as much begging to kind hearted strangers for help. I want to raise enough money to be able to finish my course and continue in a career I love without placing my family in financial jeopardy. I want to set an example to my children that everything is achievable if they are willing to work hard and put their mind to it, and you are never held back by your upbringing, you can change your future! So please, if you can, help me reach my goal.

Growing up I was never expected to achieve much in life, I was never encouraged to have dreams or set my goals high. At school I was always the class clown, to busy getting laughs than trying to learn, much to the teacher’s dismay, which I now truly regret!

Then along came my step dad, who didn’t tolerate any messing and quickly had me on the straight and narrow, never the less I left school with no GCSE’s, but had a passion to join the Armed Forces which I did. After my service and having fully burned off all my excitable energy I found a love in helping people whilst volunteering in the Mountain Rescue. I quickly decided I wanted to be in a caring/helping profession.

I worked two jobs and saved up to return to college and gained enough qualifications to get into university. I studied to be a nurse and found myself thriving in the Emergency Department. As time went on I wanted more of a challenge and wondered how different my life would have been if I had been pushed and encouraged as a child. I now wanted to be a doctor, and achieving a degree after being told for years I was stupid made me more determined to prove them wrong. However by now I find myself almost 10 years behind my peers.

Being a little older I now have a family of my own and my wife and I have an amazing daughter, who’s almost 2. It quickly became apparent that the idea of applying and getting through medical school as a doctor was financially out of the question.

Then came a new role called a Physician Associate, this utilised your past experiences, building on your previous degree, added some medical training with two years at medical school and applied your knowledge in a clinical environment. Whilst not a doctor, you get to assist them in their duties, working alongside them helping to provide the best possible patient care. For me this was perfect and provided the challenge I craved with the least financial strain. I am now at university for the second time (which I still find hard to believe) and am 16 weeks into my 2 year course and love every minute of it.

Then my wife and I received the wonderful news that we are to expect another baby at the end of the year, whilst delighted with this, we are now equally filled with worry as it is evident that financially I cannot continue and will have to drop off the course to return to work. Without getting political we struggle to pay our extortionate childcare fees as it is and seen as we work, we are entitled to no financial assistance, even with me as a full time student. We now also need to start saving to get through my wife’s decrease in salary while she is off on maternity, and returning to work is the only feasible solution...or is it?

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