help with keeping our rescue horses.

by clarabelle giddywell in Clowne, England, United Kingdom

help with keeping our rescue horses.


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please help.we are 2 self funded people which due to the pandemic we are finding it tough to keep our animals how they should be kept.

by clarabelle giddywell in Clowne, England, United Kingdom

we have seven rescue horses:

velvet is 8 years old and came to us a terrified mess so head shy it brought a tear to our eye. took a year for her to learn to trust us. now she is the most loving, feisty mare.

Senca is rising 4:she  is velvet's daughter as velvet came to us in foul.we sold her last year but came back to us 3 months afterwards. had to do a lot of work to get her back to being handled again.

Dash is 16: she  is the longest standing as she was bought at the sales 16years ago. her mother was shot right in front of her so she was hand reared. she is and has always been top dog.

spirit is 5: she is dash's daughter and she is just the most amazing, bomb proof placid cob there ever has been. she is starting to take over from her mother as top dog.

Irish is 16: was given to us and was told hes crazy. this boy is an ex racer. he has got a sence of humor. turn your tack he will nip at you and take the mick out of you. but he loves his fusses really.

giddy is 16: she is an ex racer who was then used to be a riding school horse and  has hospitalised people before we had her. she suffers from stringholt. she is a diva but a pretty diva.

mickey is 25: from the same people as Irish. He had a long career  in racing and hunting ,we got paid to take him as we were told if we don't take him he will be shot. he is the most friendly, loving giant there ever was. And is a fantastic confidence giver.

Just a short bio of our horses and a bit about there history. due to there past this is the last home we ever want them to have. just asking for anyone that would be able to help. we are very proud people but its not about us its about our horses.

As we all know the pandemic has been really tough on us all. we have managed to self fund and pay for our horses and dogs for the last 16 years. must admit now we have come to a stand still due to having lost our jobs as we were agency workers and then paying for feed and 3 bales of hay a week, we had no choice but to sell our mode's of transport. we daily take a wheelbarrow 1 1/2 miles a day 6 times a day. obviously we don't mind this is the sacrifice we made when we decided to rescue these animals. we did look into giving our horses to a sanctuary but there is no room for them and have told us it would be best to put them down instead. sorry but we will never do this unless something is with wrong with their health.

we are just asking if anyone can help towards they hay and the feed also rugs and materials to be able to make some shelters with. we would be eternally grateful.

sorry, photos will be up when i can work out how to do it. haha

Let's make 'help with keeping our rescue horses.' happen

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