Help Raise Dough for Wild Grains Bakery

by Jon Harris in London, England, United Kingdom


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Help Wild Grains Bakery survive by moving it to a larger space where it can become a full time bakery!

by Jon Harris in London, England, United Kingdom

New stretch target

  • A new delivery vehicle to help me deliver to more people.
  • Revamp of the building frontage, providing a service window so that people come and take food away.
  • Equipment for making sourdough toasties and pizzas, which people can enjoy whilst drinking a beer from the surrounding breweries.

About the Wild Grains campaign

Help move Wild Grains from a one-bedroom flat to a larger space beside the Wild Card brewery on Lockwood Way, where it can become a full-time bakery at the heart of the Walthamstow community.

With your help, I would like to raise enough funds to continue serving speciality sourdough bread to the heart of Walthamstow community.

With more space, I'll be able to make enough bread for Wild Grains to survive and grow and meet demand from local residents.




How Wild Grains Started

Wild Grains started when my love for making sourdough got a bit out of hand. Originally the idea was to bake bread for a few friends and neighbours and supply local markets on the weekend, whilst continuing a full-time job. However, when the pandemic hit, more and more people wanted bread delivered to their door and before long, I was delivering hundreds of loaves each week, getting up early to bake in my small kitchen and hand-deliver each loaf by bike. It’s really hard work but what keeps me going is my love of the process and the smile it puts on people’s faces when they receive a fresh loaf in the morning.



What's so unique about Wild Grains?

My aim has always been to create a bakery that is local, considerate and more sustainable to the body, the community and the planet. I do this by baking each loaf of bread slowly - using only natural ingredients without additives or preservatives. I incorporate grains which support biodiversity, helping to sustain our ecosystem and I hand delivery to local homes and independent stockists, providing a service that makes people feel good and connected.



What your contribution will provide

The investment you give will help me convert and fit-out the new space, deliver more bread to people in Walthamstow and provide a wider range of products and provide bakery workshops for people who'd like to learn more about making bread.

The investment will go towards:

  • Refurbishment of the space 
  • Installation of a new oven 
  • A new shaping table
  • Larger fridges for resting dough overnight
  • Dough preparation equipment
  • A new delivery vehicle to help me deliver further and faster.
  • Revamp of the building frontage and surrounding area, providing a service window so that people come and take food away
  • Equipment for making sourdough toasties and pizzas, which people can enjoy whilst drinking a beer from the surrounding breweries




What Your Support Will Mean:

The support I gain from you will offer a chain reaction of support to others, the community and the planet. It will mean that I can continue to:

  • Provide an important home delivery service for people, including some that are self-isolating.
  • Support other local businesses trying to survive during the pandemic by providing products and services collaboratively.
  • Support UK farmers and millers who are bringing biodiversity back to farming.

As the bakery grows, I will continue these collaborations, helping to sustain and expand community connections, support the local economy, offering local employment and using local products from other small independent businesses. I believe that these are all important steps for maintaining the spirit of the community.

This crowdfunding campaign celebrates true craftsmanship, skill, quality and the real value of handmade products that taste great and have been made from sustainably sourced ingredients.

Thank you for your support!



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