Wendy's Challenge
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20 year old Wendy from Malawi has a 3-year-old disabled son. He attends physio but they have no accommodation and income to support them.

by Angie Mwafulirwa in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

I'm Angie Mwafulirwa, a CBT therapist, human rights law activist and a community development worker. My passion is in women's issues, survivors of torture and securing human rights for vulnerable groups. 

Three years ago 17 year old Wendy was abandoned by her boyfriend the moment he found out she was pregnant. Her family have not accepted Yamikani the son into the family, encouraging her to get rid of the baby. Wendy has no place to live, she sneaks into wards at night in Kasungu and Lilongwe. She does not have any source of income to support herself and son. If Wendy had a chance, she would like to proceed with her studies and qualify as a nurse. In the meantime, her immediate needs are shelter and a sustainable source of income. She would like to start a small business to support herself and her son. 

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