GE APPEAL: Help VoteWatch stop electoral fraud

by VoteWatch in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

GE APPEAL: Help VoteWatch stop electoral fraud
We did it
On 18th September 2019 we successfully raised £642 with 37 supporters in 13 days

To roll-out volunteers in the inevitable General Election, to produce literature, expose ballot burglars, observe polling, and man a hotline

by VoteWatch in Peterborough, England, United Kingdom

Jay Beecher and VoteWatch investigated and exclusively exposed the use of a convicted ballot burglar Tariq Mahmood on the campaign team of Labour's MP Lisa Forbes. Our investigation led to the current ongoing legal petition being launched by The Brexit Party to challenge the result of the Peterborough By-Election.

Whilst the postal votes (over 13,000 of them) for the above election are soon to be examined, there are still more Labour-aiding ballot burglars across the UK operating freely, being ignored by the mainstream media, hushed-up by local authorities, and seemingly protected by the police and by political correctness.

VoteWatch isn't prepared to sit back and allow that to happen anymore. Enough is enough. 

With the most important election currently in the works, we intend to have our volunteers man polling stations with body cameras to record and dissuade groups of political intimidators, undercover journalists to expose electoral fraud, mass literature campaigns, online campaigns, and true, uncensored reporting of the election itself. 

We have great people ready to dedicate themselves entirely to exposing the cultural voting and electoral fraud that is destroying British democracy.

We also have people who have infiltrated Momentum and aim to infiltrate and expose various Labour branches across the country, investigate elections held in areas of high risk as highlighted in the Pickles Report, as well as various leads ready to be investigated that could help bring-down the Labour Party and expose its corruption, anti-semitism and hate for all to see. 

Join the fight against Labour and to protect British democracy. Please donate what you can.  

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