Help us to move our exciting new business forward.

Help us to move our exciting new business forward.

Now that we have the knowledge, skill and expertise we required. We want to crowdfund to buy more equipment

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This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:59pm 23rd August 2018

This project is using Flexible funding and will receive all pledges made by 2:59pm 23rd August 2018

Do you love Neon? I haven't met 1 person in the last few months that isn't nostalgic about the wonderful coloured glass filled with gas. 

Unfortunately due the (ROHS) reduction of hazardous substances regulations  Neon is being deregulated and from December 2018 the gases will no longer be available to refill

Hong Kong has now taken the directive to taken down it's neon signage and replace this with a more environmentally friendly product, LED neon flex which is a phenomenal move for such a major landmark. 

Here at our company, we started to work with Neon flex back in 2017 and as an electrically experienced people we began  to experiment with it's possibilities,  as you can see from the photographs of our commissioned pieces, the effects are stunning.  We have been commissioned to make several restaurant signs and other commercial signs in the last few months..with many in the pipeline.  We are also extremely proud to have our work as an installation at the Brighton Fringe Festival from the 4th to the 28th May.  Our brief was to use recycled products and create an impactful notice...Hell is empty and all the devils are an unforgettable piece of modern day graffiti with a Shakespeare heritage.  It is unavoidable and it's output is so environmentally friendly it only runs on 105 watts so equivalent to 2 halogen light bulbs.

We want to create 3 areas of our business and due to the flexibility and moveability of the led neon we can use it in retail and ecommerce for interior clients.  We can hire our signs out for events, launches and wedding hire and we can create logos and quotes for commercial clients including events, restaurants and pop ups.  It is waterproof, low voltage easy to transport and it just plugs in with the use of a transformer.  

Our aim in our crowdfunding objective it to upgrade our manufacturing equipment and have the ability to purchase more accessories and increase the neon signs we offer online and in our showroom.   We love the effect of Neon but we love the artistic useability of neon flex and the fact that it is safe low voltage and environmentally kind.

Neon flex is safe to have at public gatherings like weddings and events

It is low voltage and so perfect for your electricity bill especially in commercial spaces where electricity is at a premium tariff. 

Please help us to promote and developed this amazing product  that will keep the amazing and evocative effects of neon alive while being environmentally kind. 

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