Help me take on the Cardiff establishment

The Welsh Government is used to ignoring north Wales and we need strong voices there. Please help send me to Senedd to be one of them.

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

The Labour Party has governed Wales since 1997, first from the UK and then from the Welsh Assembly.  They have failed Wales, as have the other parties.  

Last year, nearly 4 million people voted UKIP only to see a single UKIP MP enter Parliament.  In Wales, a form of proportional representation is used, meaning that the number of seats won by parties like UKIP better reflect the level of support amoungst voters than under the first past the post system used in a UK General Election.  

In May 2016, we have a chance to breathe a breach of fresh air into the place, when UKIP will have a golden opportunity to send UKIP candidates into the Welsh Assembly, so they can show the people of Wales and the UK what UKIP can do for them.  

Your donation will be spent on:-

  • My electoral address to the people of Alyn & Deeside
  • Leaflets to spread the word about UKIP and what we stand for
  • Events to raise UKIP's profile in the area

Every penny will be spent campaigning and raising awareness of UKIP - what we stand for, what our policies are and what we can do for the people of Wales.