Help us survive RULE OF 6 & get discounted parties

by Tipsy Parties in London, England, United Kingdom

Help us survive RULE OF 6 & get discounted parties


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We have lost 95% of bookings due to rule of 6 . We have no government financial support. Pay now & get a discount on your party in 2021.

by Tipsy Parties in London, England, United Kingdom

Hi, I'm Jem and I run Tipsy Parties with my fiance Russ, we started in 2011 and have worked 70 hours a week each for the past 9 years to grow our business into a successful company.  We love what we do and we like to think we are very good at it.  We have hundreds of happy customers who leave us great feedback on and Trustpilot.

Prior to launching our business we were on benefits and living in poverty.  We started with just £20 and a passion for creating cocktails.  We have never received a penny of outside investment and have done everything ourselves from the web design to the IT systems we use.  We travelled up and down the country to fulfil bookings and have grown to have around 100 bartenders all across the country.

We offer innovative nationwide mobile services based around alcohol including cocktail classes, beer / spirit tastings & cocktail bartender services.  Our parties are great for bringing people together and creating memories.

The lockdown was especially tough as we are a seasonal business so we lost most of the years income as we were closed for most of the summer.  After surviving lock-down it's a real shame the rule of 6 has come in as this is having a huge impact on the number of bookings we are receiving as well as lots of cancellations again for us.  We were just getting back on our feet as well.

We think we are a bit unlucky as it seems the "rule of 6" wasn't really targeted at shutting businesses down so it's unfortunate that we have fallen through the cracks but there is no government help for businesses that are affected by the rule of 6 as most business will still be able to trade.

I don't want to give you all the grizzly details but needles to say its been an exceptionally tough time and we are trying to hang in there and stay positive for next year.

We are looking to pre-sell our services to help us through this hard time & any help would be massively appreciated.  We are offering discounts off future bookings as a reward and thank you for any pledges made.

We are certain that we will get through this period with your help. We were very excited about 2020 as all our hard-work was paying off.  We have many bookings already in the diary for 2021 we just need the cash flow now to ensure we get there.

If you have any celebrations planned for the future, help us out now and get rewarded with a discount on your party.  

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