Help us start our company

Help us start our company

My partner and I are starting a Personal Training company based in New York. We have a great business plan and just need a little support!

Unfortunately, this project was not successful

For the average person it can be extremely difficult to find the time necessary to stick to scheduled personal training sessions.  Proper guidance and consistency is paramount to achieving any individualized health/fitness goal, and life demands can put a strain on your ability to do so. 

To overcome these obstacles, we are motivated to create a company that connects trainer and client virtually and in real time, utilizing current 360 degree video capabilities that would provide the most realistic virtual session that exists today! This way, we can provide individualized sessions in real time as opposed to generic prerecorded exercise routines that do not take into account that everyone is different and in need of a personalized session. Whether the client is at home or at a different gym than his or her trainer, our company will create the infrastructure that will allow those who do not have time or the resources to travel to a gym location a chance to save time and money by training virtually.

No current company utilizes 360 degree video in their virtual sessions, something that we feel will revolutionize the way clients can receive their personalized training sessions.  No longer will sticking to a personal training schedule put a strain on your daily lives.  

Please help us help people get fit and healthy at a lower cost and higher convenience!