Help us send delegates to Labour Party conference

Help us send delegates to Labour Party conference

We're raising funds to send delegates to Labour Party conference in September, and to get ready for the next election

We did it!

On 14th Sep 2017 we successfully raised £590 with 29 supporters in 49 days

The Labour Party is a government in waiting. We destroyed the Tories hope of a landslide, then we wiped out their majority in Parliament. Our Leader Jeremy Corbyn gained an unprecedented following, and our policies ignited a national debate about the future of our country.

We defied all predictions, gaining the largest swing to any party since the labour landslide in 1945. We can truly emulate that great reforming government, but we need your help.

We are now on a permanent election footing as Theresa May’s government lurches from crisis to crisis. But elections cost money, and our local party is broke. Our election spend in June was £12,021 – the maximum allowed. But that has left us with less that £3,000 in the bank for a future election.

The Labour Party conference in September will debate the policies of the next government

As a government in waiting, the policies passed at this year’s conference will dictate the future of Britain  – and we’re determined that the voice of Nottingham East should be heard. As such we’re sending the maximum number of delegates allowed, and with the unprecedented growth of our party we’re allowed 9 delegates.

Our delegates represent our city – gender balanced, ethnically mixed, young and old. You can read more about them on their Just Giving pages.

So we need to raise funds urgently. Both to support the Labour party’s radical new policies at the next election and to help set those policies at conference. We need to raise £9,000 over the summer to send our delegates to Brighton and to start to rebuild our war chest for the next election.

And it could come soon. Theresa May’s government is tottering. It’s only a matter of time before it collapses, and then we could face another election.

John McDonnell said after the June election that if we had two more weeks of campaigning we would have won. Well, we’ve got months now to drive our message of hope home and to do that we need to raise money. And that’s why we’re asking you to help us Crowdfund for the next election, and to send our delegates to the most important Labour Party conference for a generation.

As it’s crowdfunding, we have to offer you something in return for our donation. You can see on this page what you’ll get if you can support us. But whatever you give, you know that you are helping to transform Britain and offer our young people a better future.


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