Please help us visit Kyla

Please help us visit Kyla

Help us visit Kyla, our daughter/sister who has moved to LA with her mum. We miss her. Please help us be together as a family again!!

We did it!

On 17th Feb 2016 we successfully raised £1,030 with 29 supporters in 21 days

This is the last time we were with Kyla, at Christmas, this is me (Phil, her dad) with Kyla, days before she left to live in LA.

Usually we see Kyla every two weeks and during the holidays, a round trip of 110 miles to Stroud, Gloustershire. We are now looking at a round trip of 10, 874 miles. Quite a difference, and not a cost we were expecting!

She has left behind, not only her dad, but her sisters and her step-mum, and we all miss her loads, and although we skype, it is the physical contact and spending time together as a family, that we feel is so important for us all.

This is Kyla with her sisters, Frieda and Jemima.

Kyla with her sisters Frieda and Jemima

We believe it is really important for them all to spend physical time together to help them maintain their connections with one another. A half an hour skype call is not the same as spending all day in the woods playing together!

We are asking for the money to pay for our flights and accommodation, so we can all be together at Easter. Thank you for your help!

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