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by Success4All in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom


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We need your help. Due to the recent pandemic we are going to find it difficult to reopen, leaving many children without the help they need.

by Success4All in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, United Kingdom

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With the help of volunteer tutors and club leaders, we run Learning Hubs, Clubs, and Summer Schools in less affluent areas of the North East. We provide access to the internet, a volunteer tutor, and extra-curricular clubs in a local community building. Our motto is Young People learning from Each Other.

During the pandemic, we realised that many of our families did not have a computer (or only 1 between the whole family) or learning resources such as workbooks and study guides. So, we decided to lend out all our laptops from our learning hubs and to deliver workbooks in English, Maths and Science.

We would love to open up again, but we realise that we would need to replenish the workbooks but also need more laptops to be able to keep everyone at a safe distance.

Parents want us to open as soon as possible again, but at the moment we lack the resources to do this safely. Due to COVID-19, extra provisions will be needed within our 8 Learning Hubs to accommodate everyone again. We really don’t want to refuse anyone to come back. These provisions range from, renting extra space in the buildings, - to allow for social distancing, buying IT equipment, study guides and workbooks, extra time for staff in setting up our learning hubs safely, and safety equipment, like screens and PPE where necessary.

Help us to open again! Support children & young people who would need extra time and extra tutoring to catch up with 5 months of missed school time.

By end of August last year, we had 600 children and young people registered and 172 trained volunteers, please help us keep this a reality! We are confident we can make this happen, but we will need a little help from you. If you would prefer to help out in a different way, we are looking for second-hand laptops with i3 processors or if you would rather get involved or volunteer please get in touch! Thank you for your support.

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