by Ariam Welday in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

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Our mission: Alleviate dry skin and skin-related ailments on babies and children. Our approach: Natural, yet based on medical research.

by Ariam Welday in Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

We are millennial parents who envision our company to be an ethical and environmentally-friendly body care company. We will be offering natural skin and hair care solutions for babies and children of all skin and hair types. 

We also strive to alleviate skin conditions such as sensitive skin and eczema by using powerful and nourishing botanical ingredients. 

Not only do we want Bebito to treat skin and hair problems for kids but we also want to have a huge social impact on society by standing up for equal-pay, flexible working for parents, fair trade dealings and Post natal depression in mum’s which doesn’t get the attention and awareness it deserves.

Not only are our products going to be natural & organic, but we are also committed to minimizing our carbon footprint by using only sustainable packaging and ingredients. We love incorporating innovation into each and every one of our products and will offer a vibrant, young and fresh breath of life into the child skin care industry as well as the rest of the world.

We have developed countless moisturizing formulations for our own children already and pride ourselves in our passion for carefully selecting natural ingredients to achieve the best skincare solutions possible.

We have in-depth knowledge in the medical field and experience working for the NHS where we were able to learn how the body reacts with various elements on hair&skin. We will combine all of our knowledge and expertise with a holistic approach to provide you with natural and effective body care solutions.

Being parents ourselves, we only use what's best and of premium quality for our children and want other parents to have access to the same. By the spring of 2020, we aim to serve the public online and delivering top quality skin nourishment with vegan friendly, eco-friendly and cruelty-free products to families in the UK as well as the rest of the world.

Our products could potentially result in lower NHS expenditures by lessening the number of children being given referrals to see skin specialists due to eczema and other skin conditions. The percentage of child eczema cases has risen from 0.9% of children being affected by eczema in 2001 to 11.5% of children in 2005. Eczema and dry skin are problems which are getting worse with time and are continually becoming more popular amongst the youth. A study conducted in 1995 states that it cost the NHS £125 million in costs related to childhood eczema. This number would be estimated to be much higher today as the number of eczema cases is significantly higher.


Are YOU going to be the one to help us make this vision come to life?  

Are you going to be one of the few who will be able to say "I helped fund the ethical global children's brand Bebito when they were in their early stages"?

Contribute to our cause, you'll receive a reward in return that’s more than just a tangible product. It's a win-win for everyone!

If we don't hit our target we won't be able to use any of the funds donated so please tell your friends, family, colleagues, really anyone who has always been on the hunt for the perfect skin and haircare solution available!

By all means, run and tell everyone! 

Let's change the world together one moisturizer at a time!

We will use the money we raise for the launch of our first two products in development costs, manufacturing, packaging, and marketing.


This project offers rewards in return for your donation.

£100 or more

A Push Present for 50 new mums!

Be the one to give the gift of healthy skin. By contributing to this package, you will be gifting 50 of our products to new and deserving mums across the UK. You will also receive both of our products for you and a friend PLUS 2 children's magazines.

£20 or more

Treat your child's skin!

An exclusive pre-release of our first vegan baby and child body wash or moisturizer before it becomes released to the general public.

£30 or more

Pamper your child!

We'll send you our exclusive package of our vegan body wash AND our super nourishing vegan moisturizer.

£50 or more

Spoil yourself and your little one!

We'll send you an exclusive package with our marvellous body wash and super gentle baby cream. ADDITIONALLY, each order will include our own educational children's magazine which addresses current issues of our environment like climate change and sustainability. PLUS, we'll give every supporter a feature on all of our social media accounts as well as being tagged. We love you for your support, it's only right if we show you love back right!

£500 or more

A trip to the chocolate factory!

Do you and your kids love Charlie And The Chocolate Factory? Then this package is perfect for you! Have an amazing day with up to 5 family members PLUS afternoon tea at Cadbury World! Cadbury World's 14 zones tell the story of chocolate through various experiences such as, animatronics, multi-sensory cinema, activities and demonstrations of how chocolate is made. YUM! We'll also send 10 products to you and gift 100 products to new mums in the UK

£1,500 or more

Legoland Castle Extravaganza

Secure a stay at the Legoland Castle hotel! Enjoy a modern hotel experience with a medieval twist. The rooms are comfy yet still cater to your thirst for adventure. These tickets are available for a family of two adults with up to 3 children.

£5,000 or more

Been Day Dreaming of Disneyland?

Enjoy a two-night and two-park ticket to the one and only Disneyland Paris. Transport from within Europe would be provided to reach your destination. We all know how much children love to be around their favourite character, need I say more? This package is sure to let the good times roll

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