Help us move our disabled dad into a adapted home

Help us move our disabled dad into a adapted home

Malcolm's mobility in the last year has deteriorated so much that he is now trapped in our house. Unable to get up to bed.

We did it!

On 23rd Jun 2015 we successfully raised £50 with 1 supporter in 28 days

 Malcolm was born with spondylolysis epiphyseal dysplasia tarda however he did not get diagnosed till he was 35 years old. 41 now and in the last 12 months rheumatoid has gone from working full text and being fully mobile able to care for our 2 young children.. to now being unable to get up stairs. 

He is finding coping very hard as he cannot do anything for the kids now and not being able to put them to bed hurts even more to all of us.

We live on a income of £15580 before we pay out £6600 on just private rent for a home  cannot enjoy. Because it's a private rent we cannot adapt the bath and get a stair lift.. we have applied for social housing and have been given a brand new house.. but it's just a shell. No carpets cooker fridge washing machine or adapted furniture.

Please help us as because I (Amy malcolm's wife) work for 25 hours we cannot get housing benifit and don't qualify for tax credit.. we have appealed but this can take months.. something we don't have anymore. 

Malcolm is deteriorating daily and it is painful to see such a previously active person struggle so bad. He holds a rugby world record for his part in the longest ever rugby match. He has never not worked or earned a wage until this last year. He has put in 25 years of tax and nis, yet now he needs help it's not being given.

I am lost in disparate hope that I can give my loving husband at least a little bit of a quality life to enjoy his children growing up. 

Help us please.

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