Help us make a baby- fertility treatment

by Claire & Steve in Welwyn Garden City, England, United Kingdom

Help us make a baby- fertility treatment


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Steve and I have been trying to have a baby for three years and after a miscarriage in January the NHS is making us wait 3 years for IVF

by Claire & Steve in Welwyn Garden City, England, United Kingdom

So as is common now I guess, we met In our early thirties and by the time we are settled and ready to be a family.. our biological clocks have stopped ticking. We’ve been trying for just shy of three years. What this means is every month the fresh cycle of heart ache starts again. Dealing with the physical and emotional pain of realising your best efforts have failed again, then going at it like rabbits for the next week (which despite the jokes.. isn’t quite as fun as you might think after three years of pressure). Then it’s the two week wait phase.. constantly balancing getting your hopes up and the tiniest symptom. Oh my left boob was sore for 30 seconds, maybe I’m pregnant?! Then for it all to come crashing down around you when your cycle comes in and it’s another fail. 

We were given a hope last December when the NHS agreed to put us through IVF. The relief was indescribable, finally the pressure was off and were we in the hands of the professionals. Well, some say it’s that relaxation that did it, but would you believe it, on Christmas Eve we found out we were pregnant! I cannot tell you what this meant to us, the best Christmas present we could have ever dreamt of. But sadly it wasn’t to be, I only managed 2 weeks before loosing our baby. Now I know, I get it, it was cells not a baby. But it was our cells, our hopes and dreams, our baby. 

We’ve  been told that the NHS can’t help us now, because we fell natural once. Three years we now have to wait to be eligible for  NHS IVF. And by then I’ll be over the age limit. 

I guess we’re  doing this to ask for your help to have a family. To have the thing that seems to come so easily to everyone else around us. 

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